General information about menopause

Blood tests for hormones with menopause in women

No woman can avoid the physiological restructuring of the body associated with the extinction of the childbearing function, in other words - menopause, the main feature of which is the cessation of menstruation.

Dryness of the skin of the hands, feet and mucous membranes with menopause

One of the signs of menopause is dryness of the skin. With a climax, every woman faces this problem. Consider the causes of this pathology and its treatment.

Sex after menopause

With age, both in men and in women, sexual desire gradually decreases, but, according to gerontologists, for women, sex after menopause loses value two to three times more often.

Surgical menopause in women: current, how long lasts

Pathological changes in the female reproductive system caused by artificial means is a surgical menopause. Consider its causes, treatment methods and prognosis.

Causes of conditions with menopause: uterine bleeding, discharge and salve, tides

Every woman in her life is experiencing a period of age-related changes in the sexual sphere, as a result of which the reproductive function disappears, and the menstrual cycle comes to an end.

Prophylaxis of menopause after 40 years

To prevent the onset of menopause is impossible, but a woman may well reduce the strength of manifestations of unpleasant symptoms accompanying this condition, taking care of her own health beforehand.

Pregnancy during menopause

The main function of a woman is to give life to a new person, not at any age. At the turn of 43-45 years in the physiology of women, changes come: the development of sex hormones gradually fades, ovulation and the production of follicles by ovaries weakens.

Climax without tides

With age, sooner or later, but the climacterium comes to every woman. It's not worth panicking because of this, but getting ready for this period would be very useful.

Early menopause in women

The early menopause in women is diagnosed before the age of 45 and manifests itself as a partial or complete cessation of the menstrual cycle. Such a problem most often indicates certain violations in the body, except for cases when the cause of the development of menopause is a hereditary factor.

Infringements at a climacterium

Violations in menopause occur not only with the reproductive system and internal genital organs, but also with other organs and systems.