Removal of moles

Pencil for removing warts and papillomas

The effect of using lapis should be, but not instant. You will have to treat the warts from a week to a month. Small and soft lesions on the hands respond well to treatment; tough old warts on the sole (spines) need other more powerful remedies.

Viferon from warts

Viral warts can appear on the skin of any part of the body that is infected with the human papillomavirus. One of the most effective antiviral agents for external use is Viferon.

Ointments from age spots: on the skin of the face, body, hands, reviews

No matter how much we would like to have an even, clean skin without birthmarks and pigment spots, you will not go against nature, so you often have to struggle with its ridiculous jokes with the help of special methods and means.

Creams for freckles

Any medical indications for the use of cream from freckles are absent, since freckles are absolutely harmless to health.

Effects of removal of a birthmark

Very often birthmarks have readings for removal. For example, a doctor will advise you to get rid of a birthmark if it is in an uncomfortable place and constantly rubs against clothing.

Removal of moles by nitrogen

This procedure is carried out in many clinics and beauty salons.

Surgical removal of a birthmark

There are many methods of removing the birthmark, the most common is surgical. Consider the features of the procedure, the evidence for its conduct and possible consequences.

Removing moles at home

If the nevus is located on the body so that it can be damaged, has a non-aesthetic appearance or brings a different kind of discomfort, it can be removed.

Removing moles: an overview of the main methods

In our time, remove unwanted nevus in many different ways, after consulting with the doctor.

Removal of a mole by electrocoagulation

Sometimes it is very difficult to protect your body from all sorts of injuries, so removing the scars with a laser has become quite a popular procedure, especially for women.