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Medical manipulations

Новокаиновая блокада: поясничного отдела позвоночника, суставов, нерва, уха

To get rid of acute and chronic pain in clinical medicine, locally targeted injections of novocaine (an amino ester for local anesthesia) - novocaine blockade - are used.

Пункция перикарда, перикардиоцентез: способы проведения, осложнения

Cardiosurgery is an area of medicine that allows you to regulate the work of the heart through surgery. In its arsenal, there are many different operations on the heart. Some of them are considered quite traumatic and are conducted for therapeutic purposes on acute indicators.

Трансуретральная резекция мочевого пузыря: послеоперационный период и восстановление

The procedure for assessing the conditions of the tissues of the bladder or their fence for a biopsy is a transurethral resection. Consider its features and indications for the conduct.

Массаж слезного канала и желез у грудничков и взрослых

The need for massage of the lacrimal canal and tear glands arises when the lacrimal canal is blocked, resulting in tears accumulating in the sac, pressing on it, leading to inflammation, infection.

Промывание носа ребенку

With the onset of cold and wet weather, various infections begin to attack our babies with particular strength. Especially lyutuyut respiratory infections, which are the main cause of cold and nasal congestion in children.

Промывание носа при гайморите

Nasal flushing with sinusitis is considered one of the most popular and effective procedures. This method helps to eliminate the mucus accumulating in the maxillary sinuses, which in case of prolonged stagnation can cause an inflammatory process or can become irritated when the bacterial flora is attached.

Массаж для увеличения груди

Massage for breast augmentation will help those with a small or medium bust. In addition to increasing this procedure improves the elasticity of the breast.


Culdocentesis is an invasive method of diagnosis, in which the puncture of the posterior fornix of the vagina for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes is performed.

Промывание носа фурацилином

Furacilin is a common medical preparation-antiseptic, it effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses, increases immunity.

Цитология молочной железы

We will consider the technique of conducting, indications, decoding results and other nuances of diagnosis.

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