General Information on Allergies

Cats that do not cause allergies

It is believed that cats that do not cause allergies, it's a myth. In fact, it is, since the allergic provoker is not the animal's coat, but its natural, contained in the saliva and sebaceous glands, an enzyme.

Allergic rash in the child

Allergic rash in a child is one of the most common types of reaction to an allergen from the immune system and skin. A similar rash in clinical practice is called an allergic urticaria or urticaria (from the Latin urtica - nettle).

Allergy to the sun: how to manifest itself and what to do

Allergy to the sun - it's allergic photodermatosis or photo allergy. The name of the disease comes from two Greek words - phōtos, derma, that is, light, skin, and includes a fairly large group of dermatological problems caused by exposure to sunlight.

Products that cause allergies

Today, products that cause allergies are common everywhere, their list increases every year. So, more recently soy was considered almost the most dietary product in the world, but in just ten years, since 2000, the amount of allergic reactions to soy products has increased from 1% to 22-25%.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are a hypersensitivity of the body's immune system when it comes into contact with the stimulus. According to statistics, allergic reactions occur in about twenty percent of the world's population, with about half of the cases recorded in areas with poor ecology.

Allergy in pregnant women

Statistics argue that allergy in pregnant women is diagnosed quite often - almost every fourth woman who expects a baby suffers from one or another form of allergy. Symptoms of an allergic reaction in pregnant women differ little from allergy symptoms in other people, but in future mothers the disease is more complicated.

Allergy in infants

Allergy in infants is the result of very high permeability of the walls of the small and large intestine. This anatomical feature contributes to the fact that most often food allergies develop.

Allergies in newborns

If you find allergic rashes on the body of the baby, immediately begin to look for a food allergen, which was the cause of this phenomenon. But allergies in newborns can be caused not only by the food itself. Alternatively, it may be a reaction to the use of cosmetic products to soften the baby's skin or treat diaper rash.

Allergy in infants

The appearance of a child in the light is not only a joyful and long-awaited moment, but also new worries, worries for parents. Already from the first days of a newborn's life, a lot of negative factors lie in wait, each of which can lead to the development of complex diseases. Allergy in infants, just the moment when it is necessary to pay special attention to the environment of the child and the behavior of the mother, in the first place.

Allergy: Causes

The cause allergies are very diverse. This is due to the general problem of allergic diseases, since there is still no single etiologic theory that clearly explains the mechanism of allergic reactions.