Treatment of influenza, colds, coughs, bronchitis

Inhalation with Miramistin in a nebulizer for children and adults

Currently, in pediatric pulmonology, phthisiology, there is an increasing need for antibiotic action, aimed primarily at reducing the number of bacteria and fungi. Inhalation with miramistin is quite effective in this regard.

Antibiotics for inhalation: how to do, dosage

Inhalation antimicrobial therapy, when antibiotics are used for inhalation - one of the parenteral methods of drug administration, began to be used in the middle of the last century.

Thermopsol for cough

Termopsol tablets for cough are absolutely natural, but they are not synonymous with "harmless". The herb is poisonous, one of its alternative names is arsenic or drunken herb, suggesting what effects it can cause too much.

Cough soda for adults and children with dry and wet cough

A fine crystalline white powder is present in every home and its name is soda or sodium bicarbonate. It is unlikely that there is another product in our everyday life that has the same wide range of applications.

Bronchicum for cough

This drug is of plant origin - the active substance of all its forms is an extract of the medicinal herb thyme or thyme, which is popularly called the Mother of God herb.

Lazolvan for cough

The numerous pharmacological group of expectorants - secretolytics and stimulants of respiratory motility - includes the muco-regulating drug Lazolvan for cough (ATX code - R05CB06).

Figs from dry and wet cough for children and adults

The cough benefits of figs are due to its pectin (soluble fiber) and alkaline pH. Pectins help to reduce irritation and swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and alkalization

Acyclovir for flu and colds

Using one of the most popular drugs of this group, “Acyclovir” for colds and flu, you can stop the spread of infection due to exposure to the virus itself and the host's immunity.