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Injuries and poisonings

Hand bone crack

Currently in traumatology, the importance of such pathology as the crack of the bone of the hand is growing. Most often, this pathology is diagnosed in the course of X-ray examination, and requires quite a long treatment and further rehabilitation.

Crack in hand

It can be obtained, as in normal everyday conditions, and in various accidents, accidents. But in addition, there are a number of conditions that predispose to such injuries. 

Squirrel bite: why is it dangerous, what to do?

As practice shows, in life you need to be able to help a person in any, even the most unexpected situation. For example, protein bites are an event that does not occur every day. However, you need to know what they are dangerous for and what to do if you are bitten by a protein.

Gasoline vapor poisoning: signs, effects, treatment

You can get poisoned not only by consuming the oil inside: gasoline fumes, which cause signs of internal intoxication when inhaled, are also considered dangerous. How to avoid poisoning than to treat it? 

How to treat and what to do with stretching the muscles?

It is necessary to ensure the peace of the damaged muscle, avoiding any (especially sudden) movements and physical exertion. Within 2 days after injury, any strain should be eliminated completely.

Stretching the muscles of the hands, legs, back, neck: signs, consequences

During intensive training, and in ordinary daily life, none of us is immune from various injuries. For example, to get a stretching of the muscles, it is enough just to stumble or slip.

Poisoning with medicines: signs, first aid, treatment

According to the doctors, most often they have to deal with drug intoxication - this is the so-called drug poisoning caused by improper intake of medications. 

Poisoning with drinking and sea water: signs that do

The use of clean water is a vital necessity for any living being. Without water, man can not exist. But sometimes water can carry a danger - for example, if an unsuitable or microbially contaminated liquid was used for drinking. 

Heavy metal poisoning

Such poisoning does not always become obvious - sometimes it acquires a chronic course, and harmful substances accumulate in human tissues for years and even decades. How to determine the poisoning, and what measures need to be taken to eliminate its effects?