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Injuries and poisonings

Poisoning with medicines: signs, first aid, treatment

According to the doctors, most often they have to deal with drug intoxication - this is the so-called drug poisoning caused by improper intake of medications. 

Poisoning with drinking and sea water: signs that do

The use of clean water is a vital necessity for any living being. Without water, man can not exist. But sometimes water can carry a danger - for example, if an unsuitable or microbially contaminated liquid was used for drinking. 

Heavy metal poisoning

Such poisoning does not always become obvious - sometimes it acquires a chronic course, and harmful substances accumulate in human tissues for years and even decades. How to determine the poisoning, and what measures need to be taken to eliminate its effects?

Consequences of poisoning with vinegar

Vinegar, like any other substance, can bring both benefit and harm to man. The use of vinegar is undeniable: it is widely used in everyday life, in cooking. Preparation of dishes, preservation can not do without vinegar. 

Poisoning with table and apple cider vinegar

A frequent complication of poisoning is tracheobronchitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. The brain suffers, psychoses develop. The results of the tests indicate a strong intoxication of the body. 

Treatment of poisoning with vinegar: what to do first?

Vinegar poisoning is quite common nowadays. This poisoning is most often of a domestic nature. Vinegar is widely used for preservation, in cooking, marinades.

Vinegar poisoning: first signs

Today, poisoning with various substances happens quite often. At the same time, poisonings are more often observed, which do not occur as a result of exposure to potent toxins and poisons, but as a result of the ingestion of household substances, which at first glance are very harmless. 

Ammonia poisoning: treatment

Medicines for poisoning with ammonia are prescribed, taking into account the existing symptoms of intoxication. If laryngospasm, acute toxic laryngitis or bronchitis is present, then Sanorin, Naphthysine, Prednisolone is inhaled.

Ammonia poisoning: signs, consequences, diagnosis

Ammonia is considered to be one of the most common substances used by the chemical industry. Specific gas is used to make fertilizers, colorants, nitric acid, etc. 

Treatment of alcohol poisoning: what medicines to take?

If a person has expressed symptoms of alcohol poisoning, but he is still able to perform the required actions, then the first help that can be provided at home is gastric lavage and sorbent intake: activated carbon, Enterosgel.