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Injuries & Poisonings

Отравление парами уксусной, синильной, борной кислот: оказание помощи, промывание желудка

Acids have become quite widespread in everyday life. Today, acids are encountered in everyday life, in agriculture, in industry, in research institutes and in practicing laboratories. 

Отравление кислотами: серной, лимонной, соляной, азотной, ортофосфорной

Today, acid poisoning occurs more and more in medical practice. This is due to the fact that acids are increasingly being used in various fields of human activity.

Отравление изониазидом: признаки, последствия, неотложная помощь

Isoniazid is an antibacterial agent that is used to treat tuberculosis. This is a potent remedy, which is in a separate classification in the pharmaceutical directory. 

Отравление устрицами: через сколько появляются симптомы, диагностика

Oyster meat is popular all over the world. Practically in every restaurant you can find a dish in which these marine inhabitants meet. They have a very gentle pleasant taste and leave no one indifferent.

Пищевое отравление яйцами: вареными, жареными, свежими, домашними

Eggs are one of the most popular foods on our table. And this is not surprising, because this externally attractive product has great nutritional value as a rich source of easily digestible protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

Отравление парами, раствором хлора, в бассейне: признаки, что делать, как лечить

Chlorine is a poisonous gas with a sweetish metallic taste and a pungent odor. In nature, it is found only in the composition of minerals. In small amounts, it is contained in the intercellular fluid of man and animal, participating in the work of nerve cells and metabolic processes. 

Отравление мышьяком у человека: признаки, последствия, первая помощь

Arsenic is one of the elements of the periodic table, which has the serial number 33 and in Latin denoted as As (arsenicum). The substance is an unstable semimetal and has a color reminiscent of steel with a greenish tinge. 

Открытый перелом голени

An open fracture of the tibia is a dangerous, pathological trauma. Consider its causes, the main symptoms, types, methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Открытый перелом

The size of the wound varies from a small puncture on the skin to a vast rupture of all layers of the skin and the gaping of the damaged soft tissues, often with their detachment and exposure of the bone fragments that enter the open wound cavity.

Ядовитые комнатные растения

Indoor plants play a special role in it - living decorations, surrounded by which we feel comfortable and safe.

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