Injuries and poisonings


Mentioning rhabdomyolysis, they usually mean a syndrome that occurs as a result of the destruction of striated muscles. This process, in turn, causes the release of decomposition products of muscle cells and the appearance in the circulatory system of a free oxygen-binding protein - myoglobin.

Nut poisoning

Nuts are a healthy and nutritious product that contains many vitamins and minerals. It is known that even a small handful of them can saturate the body and give an influx of energy, since the composition contains not only healthy fats, but also a unique plant sterol, proteins and fibers. 

Treatment of karbofos poisoning

Treatment for karbofos poisoning involves resuscitation of patients and the provision of oxygen, a muscarinic antagonist (usually atropine), fluids and an acetylcholinesterase reactant (an oxime that reactivates acetylcholinesterase by removing the phosphate group).

Carbophos poisoning

In the summer, repair and construction work is quite often carried out. The substances used for this are quite dangerous, have toxic properties. These substances are especially dangerous for children, because their metabolism is much faster, respectively, the symptoms of pathology develop much faster.

Beer poisoning

Despite the fact that beer resulting from the fermentation of starch sugars in the wort with the formation of ethanol and carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) is a low-alcohol beverage, alcoholic beer poisoning is not uncommon. In addition, beer poisoning can be similar to food poisoning.

Melon Poisoning

In order to avoid poisoning, you need to know what a spoiled melon looks like. So, it can have a clearly spoiled, rotten look, then its non-quality is obvious. But sometimes a melon looks no different from a good, high-quality one. 

Dichlorvos poisoning in adults and children

Among all the poisonings, a rather large percentage is due to  dichlorvos poisoning. It is especially often observed in the summer and spring, when in agriculture and horticulture an active pest control is carried out. Poisoning is severe, requires a quick response. Therefore, you need to know what and how to do so that the outcome is favorable.

Fly agaric poisoning

Amanita muscaria (fly agaric) is a spectacular and well-recognized ectomycorrhizal fungus that is natural and common in coniferous and deciduous forests of the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. 

Black widow's bite: what it looks like, consequences, what to do, antidote

Karakurt spider is one of the most poisonous insects known in the world. The bite of a black widow - and this is the second name of karakurt - is very toxic and can lead to the death of the victim.

Crack in the rib: signs, what to do, how to treat?

It happens that their integrity is violated - a crack forms, which in medical terminology is defined as an incomplete fracture without displacement. This condition causes certain discomfort, pain and requires treatment.