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Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium

Spikes after caesarean section: signs and prevention

Pregnancy and the birth of a child are the most beautiful and happy period in a woman's life. But not all of it is cloudless. Someone may have problems with the bearing of the fetus ...

Abundant period with clots after delivery

Restoration of the monthly cycle after childbirth suggests that the woman's body comes back to normal after a long period of bearing, birth and feeding of the child. However, this recovery process does not always proceed smoothly and predictably.


In order to understand the causes of lactostasis, it is necessary to understand how the breast is arranged, what are its main functions in lactogenesis.

Non-Developing Pregnancy: Causes and Signs

The condition, as a result of which fetal growth stops and its intrauterine death sets in, is called a frozen or undeveloped pregnancy.

Increased hemoglobin in pregnancy: why do something?

This problem is not as frequent as low hemoglobin, but it is no less important and also requires the attention of a doctor. The development of symptoms can be latent, so you need to know the first signs and symptoms of this pathology.


Along with hypogalactia, mastitis and stagnation of milk, galactocele is one of the leading places in the incidence of women in the lactation period.

Postpartum psychosis

Postnatal psychosis is a condition in which a woman is tormented by a manic syndrome to do something with herself or with a child. It is caused by complications arising after childbirth.

Ovarian Pregnancy

The pathology considered in this article refers to one of the types of ectopic fertilization of the oocyte.

Atony of the uterus

The increased weakness of the muscular strength of the uterus, which in most cases is the cause of prolonged bleeding that accompanies a woman after childbirth, has its own medical term - atony of the uterus.

Postpartum Depression

The long-awaited birth of a child is overshadowed by the appearance of such seemingly incompatible with this joyful state, phenomena like postpartum depression

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