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Gynecological diseases (gynecology)

HPV type 18 in women

The peculiarity of the female reproductive system is that its organs are mostly inside the body and are hidden from the eyes of even the woman herself. If pathological processes begin in the ovaries, vagina, uterus or fallopian tubes, they do not necessarily immediately manifest themselves. 

Treatment of hydrosalpinx: laparoscopy, antibiotics, alternative agents

In addition to antibiotic therapy, much attention is paid to strengthening immune defense. For this purpose, women are prescribed immunomodulators - for example, Tactivine, tincture of Echinacea, Immunal, Imudon, etc., as well as vitamins and physiotherapy procedures.

Hydrosalpin of the fallopian tubes on the left and on the right

This is a disease in which there is a tubular obstruction due to localized accumulation of fluid effusion.

Treatment of diffuse changes in myometrium

Choosing methods of treating pathology, doctors are still based only on the assumptions and the assertion that the leading role in such violations is played by hormonal imbalance.

Diffuse changes in myometrium by type of adenomyosis, endometriosis, focal, nodal: what does it mean?

With the appearance of diffuse changes, the woman is most often diagnosed with "endometriosis", and this indicates that the chances of becoming pregnant and bearing a child are extremely low. 

Multifollicular structure of the ovaries: causes, symptoms, diagnosis

Ovaries are the paired organ of the female reproductive system, they are located in the pelvic cavity on both sides of the uterus. Relate to glands of internal secretion, produce sex steroid hormones: estrogen, androgen, progestin.

Leukoplakia vulva: what is it, how to treat the disease?

This problem should be diagnosed at the initial stages, in which case the forecast is more favorable. Therefore, every woman should know the symptoms and manifestations.

What is the basal temperature before menstruation?

Any woman can be useful to create her menstrual calendar or a special diagram of her cycle. In doing so, you can learn your body, find out what is normal for you, and have a benefit for your own health. 

Fibrous polyp: what is it, species

The legs are rounded on legs, showing up on the mucous membrane of the hollow organs - the digestive canal, the genitourinary or respiratory system, and also on the surface of the skin called polyps, in Greek - polypus (many legs). 

Low basal temperature: in the second phase of the cycle, after ovulation, during pregnancy

The main body temperature of the human body is an important factor, so you should always take it into account when assessing the health status under control. 

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