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Gynecological diseases (gynecology)

Fibrous polyp: what is it, species

The legs are rounded on legs, showing up on the mucous membrane of the hollow organs - the digestive canal, the genitourinary or respiratory system, and also on the surface of the skin called polyps, in Greek - polypus (many legs). 

Low basal temperature: in the second phase of the cycle, after ovulation, during pregnancy

The main body temperature of the human body is an important factor, so you should always take it into account when assessing the health status under control. 

Diagnosis of the endometrial polyp

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, you need to pass a lot of tests. First of all, general clinical blood and urine tests are prescribed.

Consequences and complications of the endometrial polyp

In spite of the fact that in many cases locally limited proliferation of cells of the uterine mucosa in the form of a polyp is detected accidentally and is considered to be benign, the consequences and complications of the endometrial polyps can be quite serious.

The causes, symptoms and diagnosis of anovulation

As soon as the girl's body becomes ready for maternity, her period begins. Approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle, an egg is matured monthly and the ovary leaves, ready for fertilization. 

Endometrial polyps in the uterus: the causes of the onset, signs

Under the polyps are meant neoplasms, which are benign in origin. Formed on the walls and in the uterine cavity, are a consequence of the growth of the endometrium. 

Ovarian dysfunction: the reproductive period, menopause, how to treat and how to become pregnant, alternative means

Dysfunction of the ovaries is not a disease, but a syndrome accompanied by a complex of abnormalities from the female reproductive system. Ovaries are an organ that relates both to the endocrine and to the reproductive system responsible for the conception and birth of a child. 

Lean monthly: brown, without pain, with fever, nausea, chest and abdominal pain

The features of the menstrual cycle are available for every woman, but its disorders, including the meager ones, depend on how well the hormones regulate the monthly changes in the ovaries and uterus.

Uterus saddle shape: reasons for getting pregnant, postures for conception, consequences

Gynecological problems are sometimes congenital. To such pathologies can be attributed and such a feature as the saddle uterus - is a kind of organ defect, when the uterus is split in the form of a saddle shape.

Aplasia of the vagina

For the first time this anomaly was revealed by the German scientist Meyer, supplemented the diagnosis of Rokitansky and Muller, discovering in parallel with this vice the absence of the uterus.

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