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Diseases of the immune system (immunology)

Acclimatization: what to do and how to avoid?

Scientists have proved that moving in a range of ten degrees in latitude or longitude causes people all the signs of acclimatization.

Attributes of acclimatization: what should be paid attention?

Some people, especially children, endure adaptation to new conditions very acutely. One of the symptoms of this condition is elevated body temperature.

Symptoms of agranulocytosis

With agranulocytosis, a characteristic manifestation is the formation of ulcers, and with high speed. Necrotizing tissues extends not only to affected areas, but also to neighboring surfaces.

Hyperplasia of lymph nodes

Hyperplasia of the lymph nodes (in the sense of an increase in their size) is a response to infection in diseases such as strepto- or staphylococci caused by lymphadenitis, rubella, chicken pox, and infectious hepatitis.

How to strengthen immunity?

Each organism has its own immune defense which helps to neutralize and destroy various microorganisms that are able to cause diseases.

Inflammation of lymph nodes under arm

In our organism lymph nodes are a basis of an immune system. Purification from viruses, bacteria, irregular cells (for example, cancer ones) is occurred with a help of them.

Lymphadenitis in children

Lymphadenitis in children is a disease that is expressed in the inflammation of the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are part of the immune system, they are one of the first to react to inflammatory processes in the body, while increasing in size.

Swollen lymph nodes at neck

Swollen lymph nodes at neck  is one of the consequences of ordinary cold or of acute viral infection that affects  respiratory tract . Because of this, lymph nodes at neck are inflamed and increased in size. Let's consider  reasons of  swollen lymph nodes at neck and methods of their treatment.

Antioxidant system of the body

The antioxidant system includes antioxidants that inhibit autooxidation at the initial stage of lipid peroxidation (tocopherol, polyphenols) or reactive oxygen species (superoxide dismutase - SOD) in membranes.

Primary immunodeficiency

Primary immunodeficiency - congenital disorders of the immunity system associated with genetic defects of one or more components of the immunity system, namely cellular and humoral immunity, phagocytosis, complement system.