Diabetic nutrition

Mushrooms in diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2

Organizing food, it is important to know the glycemic index (GI) of each product. Preference is given to those who have a low GI (up to 40 U). How do mushrooms look from this point of view and can they be eaten with type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Cucumbers with diabetes - a universal product

When overweight, it is recommended to do a fasting “cucumber” day once a week, although treatment of diabetes with cucumbers cannot yet be taken seriously with all the unconditional dietary benefits of this vegetable.

Rice in diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2: white, brown, basmati, steamed

It is allowed and necessary to eat cereals in diabetes. Of course, under certain conditions. For example, it is necessary to take into account the indicator of the glycemic index of cereals: for consumption you need to choose products with a low indicator.

Strawberries with type 1 and 2 diabetes

What fruits can you eat with diabetes? It is allowed to add apples, pears, apricots, oranges and grapefruits, kiwi and lemons to the diet. These fruits will not lead to a significant glucose level difference, therefore they will not harm a person with diabetes.

Juices with type 1 and 2 diabetes

Diabetes is characterized by loss of sensitivity of cells to insulin (type 2) or the complete absence of its production as a result of their dying off in the endocrine part of the pancreas (type 1).

Plum in type 1 and 2 diabetes

Plum is known for all its tasty fleshy and juicy berries. This fruit tree is common in our gardens. It grows easily from the seed and quickly reaches the fruitful age.

Bay leaf in diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2

In ancient Greece, the laurel was considered a sacred plant, from its branches weaving a wreath of the victor, the victor. Nowadays it is a spice, the pleasant smell of which, due to the presence of many essential oils, makes it a welcome seasoning in cooking: cooking first, meat dishes, side dishes.

Cinnamon in diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2

Cinnamon is known to us as a spice. Its specific pleasant aroma complements the taste of confectionery, desserts, liqueurs, and coffee. She is "friends" with apples, which is why she is especially in demand by housewives for making charlottes, strudel, pies, and sometimes even canning.

Peaches in diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2: is it possible or not?

Although diabetes mellitus places restrictions on many foods rich in carbohydrates, it is difficult to resist such temptation when summer comes and the shelves are full of juicy, fragrant fruits.

Coffee for diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2: can I drink?

Diabetes mellitus forces people responsible for their health to follow the carbohydrate content of food, because due to a violation of their metabolism as a result of insulin deficiency, an increase in blood glucose levels occurs.