Diagnosis of back pain

Diagnosis of severe back pain

Insignificant pain and discomfort in the back are perceived by few as a reason to visit a doctor, while severe pain simply makes a person think about his health and seek help from specialists.

Computer diagnostics of posture

There was a more effective diagnosis of posture, sophisticated high-precision measuring equipment, capable of capturing all the necessary parameters.

X-ray anatomy of the spine normal

The structure of the spine is characterized by significant differences in different age periods. The very concept of the norm is not static and implies the presence of age-specific features of the structure (structure) and the shape of individual vertebrae and the spine as a whole


Spondylometry is the measurement of metric and angular indices characterizing the spinal column. The use of objective quantitative quantities in vertebrology is necessary for predicting the flow of deformations

Methods of examination of the spine

The desire to fully examine a patient often leads doctors to designate studies that duplicate each other in the nature of the information received.

General principles of clinical examination of a patient with pain

The key to a true diagnosis is a complete history and detailed examination. Data from the survey, in conjunction with a review of previous patient records and diagnostic examinations, provide the key to differential diagnosis and treatment.