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Serological tests

Экспресс-тест на ВИЧ: точность, инструкция

A rapid (spot) or rapid HIV test can be conducted outside specialized laboratories, does not require any equipment, and results in a maximum of 30 minutes.

Анализ на скрытые инфекции: список, какие сдают

In modern life, more often you have to deal with various diseases. Particular importance in medicine has acquired problems with the fight against infectious diseases.

Какие необходимо сдать анализы после укуса клеща?

The risk of contracting infectious diseases that are transmitted by insects is quite high, even if the tick was removed in the shortest time and could not penetrate deeply.

Кандидоз: антитела к Candida albicans в крови

Diagnosis of superficial candidiasis is based on the detection of fungal elements in a stained smear. With visceral forms of candidamycosis, serological studies are of great diagnostic importance.

Анализ на аспергиллёз: антитела к возбудителю аспергиллеза в крови

More sensitive serological diagnosis of aspergillosis is the detection of antigens (galactomann) aspergillus in the blood. Use latex test and ELISA method (more sensitive). The sensitivity of ELISA to galactomann is 50-60%, with repeated examination it reaches 90%, the specificity is 90-100%.

Анализ на описторхоз: антитела к возбудителю описторхоза в крови

The sensitivity of the ELISA method for the diagnosis of opisthorchiasis in the acute phase is close to 100%, in the chronic phase of the disease - to 70%, depends on the intensity of the invasion. IgM antibodies appear in the blood 1 week after infection, reach the maximum values after 1.5-2 weeks, and after 6-8 weeks their titer begins to decrease rapidly.

Анализ на трихинеллёз: антитела к Trichinella spiralis в крови

For early serological diagnosis of trichinosis, the definition of IgG antibodies using the ELISA method is used. The sensitivity of the ELISA is 90-100%, the specificity is 70-80%. Specific antibodies appear in the blood of infected Trichinella larvae and their concentration in muscles during the migration period.

Токсокароз: антитела к Toxocara canis в сыворотке крови

The main method of diagnostics of toxocarosis is the detection of IgG antibodies to Toxocara canis in the serum by ELISA with toxocar antigen in the study of blood serum in persons with a characteristic complex of symptoms: lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly, bronchitis, bronchial asthma of unclear origin, urticaria rash against eosinophilia, leukemoid reaction eosinophilic type with a characteristic epidemic history (for example: geophagia), etc.

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