Hematologic examinations


Platelets are a blood element with a diameter of 2-4 microns, which is a "fragment" of the cytoplasm of the megakaryocytes of the bone marrow.

The average concentration of hemoglobin in erythrocyte

The mean concentration of hemoglobin in erythrocyte (MCHC, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration) is the indicator of the saturation of red blood cells by hemoglobin. In the hematology analyzers, MCHC is determined automatically. This parameter can also be calculated by the formula: Hb (g / dl) × 100 / Ht (%).

Mean hemoglobin in erythrocyte

The mean content of hemoglobin in the erythrocyte (MCH, mean corpuscular hemoglobin) characterizes the hemoglobin content in the erythrocyte.

The average volume of erythrocyte

The average volume of erythrocyte - MCV (mean corpuscular volume) is measured in femtolitra (fl) or cubic micrometers. In hematological analyzers, MCV is calculated by dividing the sum of cell volumes by the number of red blood cells


The number of red blood cells in the blood (RBC) is one of the most important indicators of the blood system. Erythrocyte - the most numerous uniform element of blood, containing hemoglobin.


Hematocrit - the volume fraction of erythrocytes in whole blood (the ratio of the volume of erythrocytes and plasma). The amount of hematocrit depends on the number and volume of red blood cells.


Hemoglobin - the main component of erythrocytes, is a complex protein, consisting of heme and globin. The main function of hemoglobin is to transfer oxygen from the lungs to tissues, as well as to remove carbon dioxide from the body and regulate CBS.

General blood analysis

The concept of "general clinical study of blood" includes determining the concentration of hemoglobin, counting the number of erythrocytes, color index, white blood cells, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and leukocyte formula.


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