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Clinical studies

English translation unavailable for Flat epithelium in the smear in women and men.

Blood test for rheumatic tests

Revmoproby is an analysis that determines the presence of markers of the inflammatory process in the blood. They are one of the methods of early diagnosis of oncological diseases, rheumatism, and infectious pathologies.

Sterility analysis: how to take what shows

The aim of the study is to identify bacterial microflora in liquids, which normally should be sterile. The detection in bacteria of bacteria speaks of bacteremia, which indicates the generalization of the infectious process.

Analysis of feces for carbohydrates in infants: what shows the results

Children often quite often have various diseases that require laboratory diagnosis. Especially often in infants develop diseases and dysfunctions of the digestive system, which is explained by the functional immaturity and the ongoing adaptation processes.

Respiratory test for Helicobacter pylori: how to prepare, how to be carried out, decoding, norm

Many researchers question the fundamental role of Helicobacter pylori in the pathogenesis of gastritis and peptic ulcer, believing that the active multiplication of these bacteria begins on an already damaged pyloroduodenal mucosa.

Analysis for sensitivity to antibiotics: preparation, decoding, how much is done

Today, the analysis of sensitivity to antibiotics is becoming increasingly popular. The microflora of man is quite diverse, represented by a large number of microorganisms, in various biotopes.

13с urea test: preparation, results, positive, negative

Since the discovery of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium associated with chronic gastritis and gastric and duodenal ulcers, methods for its diagnosis have been developed, including a urease test

Analysis for Staphylococcus aureus from the nose and throat, blood, urine, feces, breast milk

The first question: why do we need an analysis for staphylococcus aureus? And then, that activation of this opportunistic bacterium and especially pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus) leads to tissue damage by microbial toxins and enzymes with the development of almost a hundred diseases.

Dark color of urine in the child

Normal children's urine is a transparent liquid of yellow color of different shades - from light yellow to amber, depending on the amount of liquid used the day before.

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