All about rest

Medical tourism

Previously, people often went on vacation only to visit the sea, as well as sunny resorts, see various sights and historical places, now many began to pay more attention to their own health.

Summer health camps

During the summer holidays parents should think about how to organize leisure for their child. It is necessary to make his summer pastime cheerful and at the same time useful for a growing child's body.

Tours in the autumn - have a rest with pleasure!

Tours for autumn 2013 are diverse and the choice of many offers depends on your imagination and your possibilities - near or far abroad, mysterious Asia or the Golden Ring of Russia, paradise islands or historically interesting Italy.

Rest in autumn - rest with good health

Many people believe that the best holiday is a holiday in autumn, that is, in the "velvet season". And to understand them is not difficult. Firstly, crowds of tourists noticeably thinned out. The second reason is explained by the fact that the sea in the early autumn is still quite warm, and other factors during this period do not stop their health effects. Finally, rest in autumn can cost less.

Spring vacation abroad

Spring holiday is associated with many people with the update, new impressions, which you want to charge after the end of the winter period. It is in the spring season in many countries that carnivals, festivals, mass celebrations are held, as if symbolizing the renewal of not only nature, but life in principle.
16 March 2013, 19:05

Rest in spring

Recreation in the spring - how to make it a success, and there was no result, recorded in the famous proverb - "no one needs rest like a person who has returned from vacation"? The answer is simple - you need to plan for rest.
16 March 2013, 13:19

5 advantages of relaxing at sea

Passing weakness, apathy, depression ... Doctors only make a helpless gesture - like and not sick, but also not healthy. This is a typical picture of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In this situation, a full rest is urgently needed, and best of all - by the sea
17 July 2012, 10:15

Where it is better to have a rest in Crimea?

About the Crimea they say that this is one of the places on earth where a person should visit at least once in his life.
20 June 2012, 10:33