Deficiency of vitamins and diet

Do you think it is possible to choose a diet that could fill the supply of vitamins, usually coming from fruit?

Vitamins for hair growth

To the hair grow well, were beautiful and shiny, you need to take vitamins. But what vitamins for hair growth are needed and can they be allowed to overabundance? This we will now tell.

Vitamins for nails

Vitamins are needed for nails, so that they are healthy, shiny and beautifully looked.

Vitamins against stress

Vitamins are an excellent remedy for stress.

Diet for the first blood group: what can and can not be done

Diet for the first blood group refers to diets, thanks to which you can quickly lose weight without harm for yourself.

What is the risk of an overdose of vitamins?

If you are too carried away by vitamins and take them constantly, do not forget about the possibility of an overdose.

Is the person enough vitamins from vegetables and fruits?

Vegetables and fruits as a source of vitamins a person just need.

How does taking medications affect the absorption of vitamins?

People with chronic diseases need vitamins as anyone.

How to understand that you do not have enough vitamins?

Sometimes it is difficult for a person to understand that he does not have enough vitamins.

How does smoking affect the need for vitamins?

Smoking significantly increases our need for vitamins - this is a fact.


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