Diet for weight loss

Types of rigid diets for fast weight loss

Many people who dream of losing weight with minimal effort resort to rather extreme methods. These include a tough diet for quick weight loss.

The toughest and most effective diets

One of the radical ways to improve the body and fight overweight is a rigid diet. Consider the principles of nutrition, types of diets, menus, contraindications.

Drinking diet for 30 days

The phrase "drinking diet for 30 days" seems to uninitiated people a way to lose weight using ordinary water. It is with water that the words "drink" and "drinking" are primarily associated.

Bran diet options: how much can you lose weight?

A big plus, for many - determining, is that the bran diet does not oblige to radically change the usual way of life and diet. Bran can simply be eaten 15 minutes before a meal, combined with other dietary ingredients, or added to ready-made foods.

Slimming Fruit Recipes

Most recipes from fruit for weight loss are delicious vitamin salads, fresh and smoothies, yogurts and other drinks. They are posted on the web along with colorful illustrations and step-by-step instructions, which you don’t need to copy.

Diet on oatmeal for weight loss: effectiveness, recipes

Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate that goes through a long chain of transformations in which glucose is released gradually, gives more energy and does not lead to sharp jumps of insulin.

Diet for weight loss 40 kg for 1 month

To get rid of 40 kg will take more than one month, although it is quite achievable. An example would be the diet of Polina Gagarina, who from a bbw formed after childbirth, turned into a slender and beautiful "swan".

Green Diet: Essence, Feedback and Results

Among the many different weight loss diets, the green diet is very popular. This is the name of the food system in which only raw vegetables and green fruits are present.

Low carb diet for women, men, diabetes

Carbohydrates are organic compounds and are present in all cells and tissues of living organisms. Without them, life is impossible. In their structure, they are divided into simple and complex, namely the first - fast

Effective diets in adolescence

Up to 9-10 years, children are usually not very concerned about their appearance, body. Further, under the action of sex hormones, the body rapidly develops. This concerns not only changes in bodily forms, but also psychology.