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Diet for weight loss

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Diet for body drying: a menu for every day at home

Diet for body drying is a kind of sports diet, implying eating foods that contain a large amount of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates. Also this type of food is often called a non-carbohydrate or ketone diet.

Diet to accelerate metabolism

One of the most important problems of our time is overweight. It concerns many, regardless of age and sex. Not all get rid of excess weight. Often dropped kgs are returned.

Vegetable diet for weight loss at 7, 10 kg: recipes, dishes, results

Vegetable diet is rightfully considered one of the most effective, and at the same time useful diets that help not only to normalize weight, but also to improve the body, to rejuvenate it and to saturate it with all necessary substances and energy source.

Protein-Vegetable Diet for Weight Loss

The essence of this type of vegetable diet is the alternation of vegetables and protein foods. The diet is very effective, lasts an average of 5 her. In such a short period of time, you can lose up to 5 kg of body weight.

Carbohydrate and protein diets: alternations, food list, recipes for the week, results

This diet is different in that it does not require an exhausting limitation of itself in foods and calories. With this diet, you can feel quite well, lead a habitual way of life, do not limit yourself to physical activity.

Keto diet for weight loss in women and men: the essence, the list of products

Ketogenic or keto diet is not a novelty: a hundred years ago, before effective anticonvulsants appeared, French pediatricians noticed that certain dietary restrictions reduced the frequency of seizures in children suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy.

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