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Diet for weight loss

Diet for lazy on water and honey for weight loss: reviews and results

Many people with excess weight would not mind to lose their pounds, but the path to a slender body is thorny, requires certain efforts, restrictions.

Fat diet: recipes, reviews and results

Immediately creeps into the idea that this is some kind of trick, and then there is a little hope, can it be delicious and without suffering to lose weight? Believing in this opportunity, let's try to figure out whether this is so.

Diet on chocolate: how to lose weight?

Chocolate diet can rightly be called strange or fad (fad diet), because even recently this product was not considered a dietary one.

Fish diet for weight loss for 3, 5, 7 days

To the fish menu when losing weight, it is not accidental, this useful and tasty natural product contains vitamins A, D, E, C, PP, B group, omega-3, amino acids

Diet on celery: menu for every day, recipes for dishes

When the colds leave, and the spring tender sun forces us to take off our clothes, we understand that it will be increasingly difficult to hide the fat reserves accumulated over the winter.

Diet on bananas: results, reviews

For many, bananas are a favorite and useful treat, and in countries where they grow one of the staple foods.

Diet on milk: useful recipes

From the name of the diet it becomes clear that the main product here is milk. A strict milk diet can imply the use of only milk, but there are options and more varied: with the addition of cottage cheese, vegetables, fruits, and even meat.

Diet for body drying: a menu for every day at home

Diet for body drying is a kind of sports diet, implying eating foods that contain a large amount of protein and a small amount of carbohydrates. Also this type of food is often called a non-carbohydrate or ketone diet.

Diet to accelerate metabolism

One of the most important problems of our time is overweight. It concerns many, regardless of age and sex. Not all get rid of excess weight. Often dropped kgs are returned.

Vegetable diet for weight loss at 7, 10 kg: recipes, dishes, results

Vegetable diet is rightfully considered one of the most effective, and at the same time useful diets that help not only to normalize weight, but also to improve the body, to rejuvenate it and to saturate it with all necessary substances and energy source.

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