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Drinking diet for 30 days

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Last reviewed: 02.03.2021

The phrase "drinking diet for 30 days" seems to uninitiated people a way to lose weight using ordinary water. It is with water that the words "drink" and "drinking" are primarily associated. In fact, we are talking about a variety of liquid food: homogenized soups, juices with pulp, broths and broths. Is it easy to eat "light meals", what does it cost and what does it give in the end?

Water makes up 75% of body weight in infants to 55% in the elderly and is essential for cellular homeostasis and life. [1] However, there are many unanswered questions about this most important component of our body and our diet.

When we talk about water, we first of all pay attention to all types of water, be it soft or hard, spring or spring, carbonated or distilled. In addition, we obtain water not only directly as a drink, but also from food and to a very small extent also as a result of the oxidation of macronutrients (metabolic water). The proportion of water supplied with drinks and food depends on the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the diet. It is estimated that in the United States, about 22% of water comes from food, while in European countries, especially in countries like Greece, where the consumption of fruits and vegetables is higher, or in South Korea, this figure will be much higher. [2], [3]

The percentage of water in various foods.

  • 100% water
  • 90-99% - Skim milk, melon, strawberry, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, celery, spinach, pickles, courgettes (cooked)
  • 80–89% - Fruit juice, yogurt, apples, grapes, oranges, carrots, broccoli (cooked), pears, pineapple
  • 70-79% - Bananas, avocado, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, potatoes (baked), corn (cooked), shrimps
  • 60-69% - Pasta, legumes, salmon, ice cream, chicken breast
  • 50-59% - Ground beef, hot dogs, feta cheese, tenderloin steak (cooked)
  • 40–49% - Pizza
  • 30-39% - Cheddar cheese, bagels, bread
  • 20-29% - Pepperoni sausage, cake, cookies
  • 10-19% - Butter, margarine, raisins
  • 1-9% - Walnuts, peanuts (dry roasted), chocolate chip cookies, crackers, cereals, pretzels, taco shells, peanut butter
  • 0% - Oils, sugars

* Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Issue 21 provided by Altman. [4]


Losing weight on a drinking diet for 30 days is a super extreme way to correct weight. With this diet, you can lose 15+ kg in a month. Optimists believe that there is no need to starve, realists say that eating in this way for a whole month is not an easy task.

There is no information about the therapeutic indications for the appointment. Usually, a person himself initiates an extreme option, desperate to lose weight in a more gentle way. Sometimes a monthly diet is carried out by those who find it relatively easy to maintain a drinking regimen for one or two weeks.

The diet helps to reduce the load on the digestive organs, cleanse the body, and stimulate metabolism. All this brings the losing weight closer to achieving the main goal - weight loss.

General information drinking diet

The method of drinking a diet for 30 days is not water starvation, unloading or treatment, as you might think from reading the title. The system provides for the refusal to chew as a given reflex by the nature. The essence of the diet is to convert solid food into a homogeneous liquid state - mashed potatoes, cereals, smoothies. The difference between a long-term drinking diet and short-term ones is that there is a real threat of a serious metabolic disorder.

  • In order to avoid this state, mashed soups are recommended to be eaten not only at lunch, but three times a day, at the main meals.

The concept of the diet is also based on the fact that low-calorie liquid food helps to reduce the space in the stomach. Allegedly, it is the increased volume that causes the problems of overweight people, because it constantly provokes an increased appetite. Excess food stretches the walls again - and everything moves in a vicious circle.

Eating liquid dishes, a person learns to be satisfied with less food, due to which the walls are tightened and the lumen of the stomach is reduced. As a result, the excess weight gradually decreases, approaching optimal performance.

The technique is designed to reduce the load on the digestive organs, while most of the necessary nutrients still enter the body. Food is digested quickly without fat being stored. Instead, positive processes take place: cleansing of poisons and toxins, activation of metabolism. All this contributes to weight loss.

Admission to the drinking diet for 30 days

They write that the most difficult period of the 30-day drinking diet is the beginning. Especially the first day. And this is understandable, since it is always difficult for the body to readjust to a new diet. To help him do this, you need to properly organize the entrance to the drinking diet for 30 days.

A competent approach is to prepare for the upcoming regimen for a week: at this time, it is necessary to exclude junk food (fast food, fatty, spicy, sweet dishes), cut back portions and increase the amount of water you drink. Sweet, carbonated, alcoholic drinks are excluded from the usual list of drinks.

  • This will help you quickly adapt to the new diet.

In the preparation process, adjustments should be made to the daily routine. For those who exercise on simulators, it is necessary to prevent the burning of muscles that is likely in such cases. For this purpose, intensive training, if any, is temporarily stopped.

  • It is known that you cannot forbid yourself to chew immediately and for a long time.

Preliminary preparation takes this point into account as well. A week before the start of the diet program, they begin to limit the volume of portions and include more liquid meals in the diet. Develop the habit of drinking a bottle of water a day. These simple rules help to achieve maximum efficiency and avoid harmful consequences for the body.

Exit the drinking diet for 30 days

The correct exit from the drinking diet for 30 days lasts longer than the actual diet. The goal of the exit is to consolidate the results, to help the digestive system reorient to standard food again, to prevent the return of mass. Otherwise, a sharp transition from a drinking diet for 30 days to eating solid foods causes food rejection, constipation, and flatulence.

  • The first seven-day period provides for the inclusion of mucous porridge for breakfast. Usually oatmeal is chosen.

The second week starts differently. Breakfast consists of a steamed omelet, hard eggs or cheese, lunch is porridge, and dinner continues to be drinkable.

In the third week, a fruit and vegetable product group appears on the menu. They are used for dinner (fresh). Breakfast is made drinkable, and dinner is continued with porridge.

In the fourth week, radical changes take place. In the lunch diet of a losing weight, lean meats and fish appear, possibly boiled. Dinner consists of salads, fruits, and breakfast remains drinkable.

The fifth and subsequent weeks recommend the following: Have one drinking day every week. Or make a drinkable dinner, consuming kefir, puree soup, jelly in the evening. You should develop good habits: do not overeat, do not overuse sweets, do not eat junk food. And also go in for sports every day, walk or work physically.


The tasks of the drinking diet for 30 days are to reduce body weight, remove visceral fat that impedes the activity of the digestive organs, and redistribute the released energy to other activities.

The benefits of the diet are determined, among other things, by the lower calorie content of liquid food in comparison with solid food: if you only drink various drinks throughout the day, the total calorie content will not exceed 1200 kcal. And this is guaranteed to promote weight loss.

And if later, returning to regular food, do not exceed the calorie value, then the result will stabilize at the achieved indicator. In addition, with such a system, a healthy habit is developed not to eat a lot of food at one time.

  • Not everyone can survive for a whole month on liquid food. Even for healthy people, this is a powerful test; some nutritionists directly call it torture.

Of course, minus 20kg is a great motivation, and those who have lost weight confirm this. Doctors, on the other hand, warn about the risks and contraindications that are dangerous to the digestive system and health in general. It happened that as a result of drinking nutrition in a person, new pathologies were discovered. Therefore, experts emphasize that it is safer to repeat a short-term course than to "sit" for a long time on a monotonous diet. The result is probably just as optimistic, and the harm is definitely less.

What can and what can not?

Before answering the question in more detail: what can you eat? - the importance of clean water in the daily diet of those who are losing weight should be emphasized. It is with her that they start every morning: on an empty stomach they drink a glass of high-quality water acidified with a few drops of lemon juice. During the day, the total volume must be brought to 1.5 liters.

  • If it is mineral water, it must be without gas.

The rest of the drink during the drinking diet for 30 days consists of the following components: dairy and fermented milk products, broth, fish soup, pureed soups and decoctions of vegetables, fresh juices, including with pulp, fruit drink, herbal or ordinary teas, compotes, jelly - from berries, fruits, cereals. This is half of the diet. The second half, one and a half liters, is pure water, without gas and sweet impurities.

Recommendations for choosing food and preparing liquid food:

  • Sour milk products, if possible, prepare yourself. They should be of minimum fat content and free from impurities.
  • Cook broths not from cubes, but natural ones, with the same seasonings. Filter the finished dish.
  • Prepare juices and smoothies made from unsweetened fruits and non-starchy vegetables immediately before use.
  • In limited quantities, unsweetened coffee, cocoa is allowed.
  • Bring the vegetable soups with a blender until smooth.

In order to maintain the achieved result, after the end of the main period, the exit process begins. And in the future, for the prevention of excess weight, it is recommended to arrange weekly fasting drinking days. Fatty, flour and fried foods should be minimized, overeating should be forgotten, and physical activity should be increased.

What shouldn't be eaten? Almost all diets exclude alcohol, carbonated and other sugary drinks, industrial juices with a high concentration of sweet components and all kinds of fillers. Drinking diet for 30 days also "does not like" such food. In addition, overeating, late dinners, and food off-schedule are not recommended. And, of course, the intake of solid foods.

It is important not only what not to eat, but also when and how much. So, a portion of the drink should not exceed a glass, the daily rate should be divided into five receptions, and dinner should be eaten no later than three hours before bed. Otherwise, the body may react with swelling.

  • The diet program prohibits eating high-fat and sugar-rich, high-calorie and alcoholic drinks. Coffee is not recommended, cocoa is limited and only with the addition of skim milk.

You cannot drink sweet water and canned juices, rich broths, alcohol, fermented milk products with a high percentage of fat. Even returning to your normal diet, these drinks are best avoided. [5]

Spicy, fried, smoked, too fatty foods are undesirable even after the complete completion of the diet, and a 2-month exit from it. These, together with overeating and lack of activity, are the main causes of excess weight.


During a long course of a drinking diet for 30 days, an imbalance of the body occurs. The reason is that not all food products can be converted into a liquid state, as a result of which one group of nutritional components may be lacking, while others are present in excess. Contraindications are based on this, which apply to the following groups of people:

  • pregnant and lactating;
  • having severe digestive problems;
  • diabetics of any type;
  • kidney patients, prone to swelling;
  • with thyroid disorders;
  • cores, hyper- and hypotonic;
  • with physical, mental exhaustion, weakened immunity.

You should know that drastic weight loss in itself is contraindicated for the body. If you lose 15 or more kilograms within a month, as the drinking diet promises, then this is fraught with health risks, and due to metabolic disorders, the mass may, on the contrary, increase.

Possible risks

One of the risks associated with diet is the high likelihood of a breakdown. With such severe restrictions and a long period of time, the desire to chew something can become overwhelming. This desire can be stopped in a simple way: chew an apple or some kind of vegetable, but do not swallow the "gruel", but spit it out.

  • Distracting yourself with something interesting from your thoughts from food is another way to calmly transfer your drinking diet for 30 days.

Drinking a diet provokes the risks of diseases - gastritis and anemia, renal failure and edema. Possible problems with the skin, heart and blood formation, decreased hemoglobin. Losing weight can be very difficult to fight hunger, and the wrong way out is fraught with anorexia.


At first, the drinking diet for 30 days really wants to eat, as well as satisfy the chewing reflex. That is, to eat in the usual way, forgetting about the calorie content and consistency of food. Possible complications are manifested in the form of bouts of hunger, loss of strength, bad mood, drowsiness.

  • There is a smell from the mouth, a characteristic plaque forms on the tongue.

Due to a long course in the body, an imbalance of nutritional components occurs. Gastritis, anemia, various complications up to anorexia may develop. The body becomes very susceptible to various diseases. The mental state changes: apathy or irritability is noted.



Detailed menu for every day

Composing a detailed menu for every day, it is necessary to build on the principles of the system. They are as follows:

  • Drinks should be savory and minimally greasy.
  • The norm of liquid products is 1.5 liters of food and the same amount of pure water.
  • This volume is used fractionally: a glass at a time.
  • The last appointment is three hours before bed.
  • The diet is allowed no more than once a year.

Drinking a 30-day diet almost does not limit the range of traditional foods. The main thing is to prepare dishes from them according to its requirements: liquid, homogeneous consistency, without fats, hot spices, sweet components. In order to maximize the benefits, it is advisable to abandon industrial carbonated drinks, alcohol, strong coffee.

The daily menu should include:

  • fresh juices in assortment;
  • compotes, fruit drinks, jelly;
  • herbal and industrial teas;
  • meat broths, fish ear;
  • soups and decoctions from vegetables, meat, milk;
  • milk and dairy products.

A liquid diet is easier to digest than a solid one. In a month, the digestive organs lose the habit of solid food, therefore, after completing the diet, it is necessary to teach them to eat traditionally in a new way. In the first week, add one product at a time (for example, an egg, oatmeal or salad). Then the set of dishes is gradually expanded to a normal diet.

Dish recipes

The diet does not require exotic foods and complex recipes. One of its advantages is the ability to cook to your liking, without restrictions and strict recommendations regarding the daily menu. For example, take the different types of food recommended by the drinking diet for 30 days.

  • A popular food for losing weight is oatmeal jelly.

It is prepared from flakes 0.5 kg, kefir 1% 100 ml, water 1.5 liters. In a 3 liter jar, place all the ingredients (water at room temperature), close the lid and put in a dark place for two to three days. Bubbles and a characteristic smell are signs of the readiness of the fermented mass to be converted into jelly. It is filtered through a colander and cooled in a jar in the refrigerator.

Five tablespoons of the concentrate, diluted in 2 cups of water, bring to a boil and cook over low heat until thickened. To do this, you have to stir the mass for about 5-10 minutes.

  • It is difficult to imagine a drinking diet without fruit drink.

It is prepared from the pulp of berries squeezed through cheesecloth. Pour the pulp with boiling water and cook for 10 minutes. The broth is filtered, cooled, mixed with pure juice. For a liter of water, take 50 g of raspberries, red and black currants. Delicious tonic drink is a great dietary snack.

An avocado cucumber smoothie is prepared in a blender with oil and water. A serving requires half an avocado, 2 cucumbers, 2 tablespoons. Linseed oil, 0.5 cups of water. The thick drink is rather full and satisfies hunger well.


In positive reviews, women emphasize the effectiveness of the technique. 30-year-old Anna lost 8 kg in a month, then, to maintain the result, once a month organizes a drinking weekend. Olga, 26, feels great after a 10-day drinking diet for 30 days; has lost only 2kg, but does not stop there and intends to withstand 30 days. 41-year-old Inga is pleased with the result, as well as with the fact that during the diet she fell in love with tea and began to understand tea intricacies "no worse than a geisha."


What the result will be, no one can reliably predict. We are talking about average indicators, and more specific ones largely depend on individual nuances. In particular, obese people lose weight more intensively.

  • The effectiveness also depends on the volume of fluid you drink, physical activity, and the duration of the course.

Usually, during the period of a drinking diet for 30 days, the weight decreases by 2–2.5 kg per week. From 8 to 10 kg comes out per month. But this, again, is the average figure, the limit, according to various publications, can reach 15kg.

To preserve the achieved results, a particularly careful and gradual exit from the liquid supply system is provided. Without taking precautions, the lost pounds are able to return in no less quantity than before the diet.

People wanting to follow a 30-day drinking diet are better off testing themselves on the lighter options first. This can be a weekly or 14-day course, which gives good results. After successfully completing them, you can proceed to a longer program, but only on condition of strong will and the absence of contraindications. Given the likelihood of complications, it is risky to lose weight on a drinking diet without medical supervision.

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