Beginning of labor

The onset of birth means that all the receptors of the uterine myometrium, and a little later, and the nerve endings of the birth canal have received a reflex signal from the fetus: it's time! And the beginning of labor is manifested by regular involuntary contractions of the muscular tissue of the uterus - fights.

To the beginning of childbirth led to a successful delivery, it is very important for a pregnant woman to control her condition, behave correctly and follow all the directions of the receiving obstetrician-gynecologist.

Disclosure of the cervix before delivery: how to stimulate with pills, exercises

The uterus is the most important organ in the female body, which is responsible for the bearing and birth of the child. In fact, it is a muscular organ, a receptacle for the fetus. It is represented by three parts - the bottom, the body, the neck. 

False contractions: when begin, how long last, the sensations, how to determine

When a woman is pregnant, the woman listens to her body more than ever: the baby has stirred, and the stomach has pulled a little - and this? Is it really a fight? But it's too early, is not it? In fact, contractions can appear in a future mother and long before the onset of labor. 

Green water at delivery

Water does not always flow out by itself, there are cases of delay in this process and obstetrician - the gynecologist himself has to violate the integrity of the bladder in which the fetus is located. In doing so, he carefully looks at the shade and other characteristics of the liquid. Normally they are transparent, but if the doctor observes the green waters during childbirth, then one should be alert, they can have negative consequences for the newborn, although this does not always happen.

Premature outflow of amniotic fluid

Premature rupture of membranes - this spontaneous break before the beginning of labor during pregnancy from 22 to 42 weeks. The frequency of premature discharge of amniotic fluid is from 10 to 15%, depending on the period of pregnancy.

Anatomico-histological characteristics of myometrium at the end of pregnancy and during labor

It is important to note that studies aimed at studying the architectonics of myometrium and anatomo-histological studies of the structure of the uterus showed that the uterus, by the end of the pregnancy, increases along the length to 36 cm, its width reaches 25 cm, the thickness (anterior-posterior diameter) of the body to 24 cm .

Characteristics of childbirth

To clarify the nature of the breach of contractile activity of the uterus in the early stages of its development, along with the study of coordination, strength and frequency, duration and rhythm of uterine contractions, it is also necessary to take into account the disturbances of the tone of the uterus.

Tactics of management of pregnant women at preliminaries

Until now, there is no single tactic for managing pregnant women with preliminaries. Many domestic obstetricians believe that during the preliminar period, the use of tranquilizers, analgesics, antispasmodics, estrogens is indicated.

The course of labor with various types of preliminaries

For practical obstetrics, the special features of the subsequent course of labor are important, depending on the duration of the preliminaries preceding them.

The contracting activity of the uterus in pregnant women with a preliminar period

The data available in the literature on the contractile activity of the uterus in the preliminar period are few and contradictory. This, probably, explains the data of the clinic.

Pathological preliminary period

The pathological preliminar period is characterized by the following clinical signs: painful, disturbing diurnal rhythm of sleep and wakefulness, alternating in strength and sensation of contraction.


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