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One of the first signs of the immediate onset of labor is the waste of amniotic fluid. But not always the waters leave themselves, there are cases of delay of this process and obstetrician - the gynecologist himself has to violate the integrity of the bladder in which the fetus is located. In doing so, he carefully looks at the shade and other characteristics of the liquid. Normally they are transparent, but if the doctor observes the green waters during childbirth, then one should be alert, they can have negative consequences for the newborn, although this does not always happen.


The cause of green water in childbirth

Gynecologists sound alarm. Recently, cases that are caused by green waters during childbirth have become frequent, and this problem is becoming global. It is not known how much this will affect the overall development of the fetus in the mother's womb. But it is not necessary to panic, because the cause of green waters during childbirth is different and differ in the degree of impact on the body. It should be noted that until the end of this problem is not studied and is at the verification stage.

What are the causes of green water in childbirth?

  • In most cases, the greenish or dark color of the amniotic fluid is associated with the ingress of the original feces (meconium) in them. Fecal mass can be released due to a lack of oxygen in the baby in the mother's womb or a stressful situation during childbirth.
  • It may also occur in the case when the mother is overdoing her child. At this stage, the placenta simply stops coping with its work.
  • Infectious and colds during pregnancy can also cause green water during childbirth.
  • Genetic pathology of the fetus, but such cases are quite rare.
  • Green water during childbirth can provoke and food, which the woman in labor was eating the day before. Such color can give apple juice or the use of fresh green peas. There is no unambiguous confirmation of this, but it is not worth dumping such an option.

Why does the birth of green water?

An experienced obstetrician-gynecologist according to the shade of the amniotic fluid is able to assume how close to normal was the pregnancy.

The norm of amniotic fluid is their transparent nature. So everything is in order with the baby, and he came to this world absolutely healthy. In this case, the doctor does not interfere with the development of childbearing, and the child appears in this world on his own, in a period strictly reserved for him.

The change in the color palette of fluid that surrounds the baby in the mother's abdomen, most often says only that the baby just shook. This could happen both from the stressful situation in which the infant got into, and from oxygen starvation (lack of oxygen supplied to the baby). But if the analysis has determined a high level of contamination of amniotic fluid - it is necessary to sound an alarm. It can mean only one thing. Something in the course of pregnancy went wrong and the situation requires immediate, sometimes even emergency, medical intervention.

In a situation where the water at the woman in childbirth has moved away at home, you should immediately call an ambulance or taxi and go to the hospital. Only the doctor knows what measures are necessary so that the child does not swallow this harmful liqueur and is born healthy.

If the mother is already in a pathology, when the green waters are gone, it is urgent to inform the doctor who will prescribe an additional examination. Most often in this situation, the obstetrician-gynecologist goes to the cesarean section, trying to remove the baby from the infected environment if possible in a shorter period of time. Quite often it happens that to look for the reason - why at birth is green water? - it is useless. No doctor will unequivocally answer this question. The birth has passed and this incident can be forgotten, but only not if the woman is still planning to become a mother. Although each regular pregnancy proceeds in different ways and it can happen that during the next birth it will not have to deal with this problem.

Consequences of green water during childbirth

It is impossible to name the presence of green water at birth without a bad sign. After all, the kid during the birth itself could not simply cope with unexpected stress and just poke. In this case, he did not have time to swallow this slime. Everything is fine. This situation in childbirth is considered the norm.

But there are situations that should alert the doctor who is taking delivery. As untimely rendering of the proper help can lead to serious enough negative consequences.

If the waters are greenish, and they have already moved away, but the birth does not occur. The obstetrician-gynecologist immediately appoints an unscheduled caesarean section. Since such a situation may indicate the possibility of oxygen starvation in a newborn. And hypoxia is fraught with partial death of brain cells, which can lead to the probability of mental retardation in a newly born baby and other unpleasant consequences.

In this case, the baby can swallow toxic waste, which leads to acute poisoning and complete intoxication of the body crumbs. And what is fraught with such a turn of events is unknown, one can only guess about the future consequences. In this case, everything depends on the competence of the doctor, who must quickly and skillfully clean the infant's airways.

Drawing conclusions from all of the above, we can say for sure that green waters - this is not the only indicator of the health of the newborn. Quite often, with its presence, babies are born with strong health, gaining on the Apgar scale a high 8 -9 points. But there are other examples when both amniotic fluid are clean and the baby is not quite in order. Therefore, cause-effect relationships in the case of green water during childbirth are not observed.

Proceeding from this, it can be stated that in this situation the overwhelming role in the positive outcome of labor is given to the professional skills and experience of the doctor who takes delivery.

Therefore, when evaluating the state of health of a newborn, green waters at birth are not considered to be the determining factor.

Any woman who is expecting a child (and no matter what pregnancy counts) should know that during the period of gestation and in the process of labor there are multiple factors that affect both the health of the mother and the development of the fetus. And the green waters during childbirth should alert, but not panic. Just a future mother should pay more attention to herself and her health, especially in nine months before the birth. After all, as they say in the people: "The safe man - God protects!"

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