Pregnancy and Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the key factor that determines the state of human health. Therefore, when they talk about pregnancy and way of life, they mean that during pregnancy the child should observe the principles of healthy nutrition (full for all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements), adhere to the regime of work and rest, walk in the open air, make special Exercise, how to get enough sleep and not be nervous. In principle, all this is useful in any condition, but in the position of a future mother to lead a healthy lifestyle is especially important.

Cream for stretch marks during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen and chest inevitably stretch. Under certain circumstances, stretch marks can be formed - peculiar scars, which are formed as a result of microtraumas of skin fibers.

Massage during pregnancy

A general wellness or (if necessary) therapeutic massage when planning a pregnancy, of course, can and should be done.

Teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a multifaceted problem that concerns parents, the public and, of course, medicine. Consider the main aspects of this issue and the warning options.

Kegel Exercises for Pregnant Women

It is very convenient that Kegel exercises for pregnant women can be done anywhere and anyhow - lying down, sitting, standing, on the move.

Tooth brushing during pregnancy

Regular cleaning of teeth during pregnancy - in the morning and before bedtime, a soft brush with toothpaste, the use of dental floss (once a day), antibacterial rinsing agents for the oral cavity is very important.

Jeans during pregnancy

Jeans during pregnancy need to be selected in the right way. They should not constrain movement, lead to discomfort and somehow tighten the abdomen. This is simply unacceptable.

Piercing during pregnancy

Piercing during pregnancy has always caused a lot of questions from future mothers. After all, it is not known whether it affects somehow the course of pregnancy, whether it carries a danger.

Peeling during pregnancy

Professional cosmetician will not hold face peeling during pregnancy. Many women in the state are wondering why.

Yoga during pregnancy

Experienced instructors always make a footnote on such a very specific female condition as pregnancy, on the basis of which it is determined what is acceptable for future mothers when doing yoga, and what is unacceptable.

Swimming pool during pregnancy

Staying in the aquatic environment is the best way for pregnant women to exercise.


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