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Pregnancy and Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the key factor that determines the state of human health. Therefore, when they talk about pregnancy and way of life, they mean that during pregnancy the child should observe the principles of healthy nutrition (full for all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements), adhere to the regime of work and rest, walk in the open air, make special Exercise, how to get enough sleep and not be nervous. In principle, all this is useful in any condition, but in the position of a future mother to lead a healthy lifestyle is especially important.

Daily pads during pregnancy: can I wear it?

Finally, the pregnancy test showed two strips that symbolize the way to a new life filled with hope and excitement. Yes, with the onset of pregnancy, the life of a woman changes radically.

Can I get sunbathing with pregnant and nursing breasts?

The sun for a future mother is a source of well-being, energy and mood. After a summer holiday, many women cease to suffer from toxicosis and go depressed. But in some cases, tanning during pregnancy is contraindicated.

Is it possible to lift weights during pregnancy?

On the question of whether it is possible to raise the severity during pregnancy, at all times responded negatively. A modern woman is no exception.

What kind of transport can I use during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman is expected not only happy moments. Unfortunately, the future mother also faces problems. One of them is pregnancy and transport.

Biking during pregnancy

Thanks to cycling, the pelvic muscles are strengthened and the strength of the legs is increased, and joints are developed in the hip area. And this, in turn, facilitates the process of labor and reduces their soreness.

Breast massage during pregnancy

Women who expect to be replenished in the family are often recommended to do breast massage during pregnancy, which should be part of the proper breast care during this period and prepare it for the upcoming feeding of the baby.

Music During Pregnancy

Positive emotions are what you need to experience a woman, especially if she is expecting the baby's appearance. Specialists have proved that the child in the abdomen of the mother hears almost all sounds, including. Music that can act on it in different ways.

Cream for stretch marks during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen and chest inevitably stretch. Under certain circumstances, stretch marks can be formed - peculiar scars, which are formed as a result of microtraumas of skin fibers.

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