Care of the cat

Care for a cat requires sufficient awareness of the characteristics of its nature and physiology. Yes, it's the character, because any cat has it, and the animal constantly demonstrates it - with the help of movements with the ears and tail. Owners of domestic cats must take into account that their pets are predators and hunters, so they need to be given the right to implement natural patterns of behavior one way or another.

Good care for the cat - proper feeding, hygiene, health monitoring - allows you to extend the allotted 7-8 years of cat life to 16-18 years.

Drops for cats from worms

The risk of infection by intestinal parasites is subjected to all animals. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse the body of pets regularly, even if there are no alarming symptoms or strangeness in their behavior.

Probiotics for animals

Probiotic Olin has several advantages over other drugs of this group. First, it is a unique composition that has a beneficial effect on the animal's organism.

Tablets from worms for cats

There are many veterinary anthelmintic drugs, designed to destroy virtually all types of helminths. Among them are tablets from worms for cats.

Cats were excellent nutritionists

A new study of scientists is likely to interest owners of cats and cats, because the food of their pet is an important aspect for the health, strength and energy of the animal, so caring owners will be interested to know that their pets can make their own diet and perfectly navigate the nutritional value products.

Mandatory vaccinations for cats

Mandatory vaccinations are vaccinations that must be made to every cat at a certain time in her life. Optional vaccinations are ...

Ten most dangerous poisons for a cat

Last year in the United States there were more than 100 000 cases of animal poisoning. Many of them were caused by substances (which most likely are in your home) that may seem absolutely harmless to you.

Top Ten Recommendations for Caring for Cat Paws

Let's start from the beginning - the cat's paws should always be clean. Dirt, toilet filler or household chemicals should not contaminate its paws.

Fall Syndrome: Protect your cat

When summer comes, many animal owners joyfully open the windows to enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, at the same time they, without knowing it, put their animals at risk.

Treatment and prevention of fleas in cats

Common cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) is the most common parasite on the skin of a cat.

Ticks and fleas in cats: prevention, treatment and other issues

With a few exceptions, in Ukraine fleas and ticks are a common problem concerning us and our cats.


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