Child development from 1 to 3 years

How to liberate a child

How to liberate a child to form a firm and confident nature in it? This question is asked by many parents, as today's children better "communicate" with technology than with their peers.

Exercises for children 2 years

Exercises for children of 2 years, like any correct physical activity for children of all age categories, are aimed at their harmonious development and health promotion.

Exercises for hearing development

Before describing exercises for the development of hearing, it is necessary to determine some basic concepts. Hearing - what is it?

Early Childhood Development Techniques

Every parents want their child to learn to understand, speak, analyze, was fully developed, and was simply adapted to the surrounding conditions. Now there are many methods of early development of children, both similar and completely unique.

Sports sections for children

Do not choose a sports section just because you like it.

How to teach a child to walk?

This wonderful moment, when you learned that you will have a child, he is so happy and inspiring. But only a little time passes and your baby is already trying to move, crawl and ... May not be able to take the first steps. So, how to teach a child to walk?

What should a child be able to do in 12 months?

In 12 months, or a year, the child is already a fairly well-formed personality, which can surprisingly much.

How to teach a child to speak?

When parents think about how to teach a child to speak, they do not understand that even the youngest children are already learning the language. Long before they learn to speak, the children are still communicating with you.

Development of the speech of the child: how to help him?

Your child is 2 years old and he still does not talk? He says a few words, but do you think that the child is far behind in the development of speech compared with peers? Besides, you remember that the little sister at the same age could make whole offers ...

What should a child be able to do in 1 year?

Many parents ask themselves the question, what should a child be able to do in one year? These important questions concern both the weight, and growth, and emotions of the child, which is growing very fast. At the age of 1 year the baby becomes more independent and even defends his own opinion. That's what a child should be able to do in 1 year.


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