What should a child be able to do in 12 months?

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In 12 months, or a year, the child is already a fairly well-formed personality, which can surprisingly much. He speaks some words, is happy with acquaintances, is afraid of strangers, confidently stands and even walks. At the child in 12 months the relation to the surrounding world changes radically. He already shares toys, indulges and laughs.

What can a child in 12 months?

A child can share candy with his mother and dad, laugh if something makes him laugh, and smile if he is pleased with something. During the game, the child can have fun and involve all the domestic people in it. The child begins to "monkey", that is, to repeat for adults their words, actions, facial expressions, gestures. This means that his brain analyzes the surrounding, and does it very actively.

Physical data of the child in 12 months

In a year the child weighs from 9800 to 10.5 kg. He also grows very well: his weight reaches 76 cm. These are approximate data, which should be used only as indicative figures. Sleep of a child at 12 months, too, is changing. If earlier his daily doses of sleep were quite frequent and prolonged, then now the child sleeps only 2 times a day, instead of 6, as before. His dream lasts from one to one and a half hours. This schedule is worth continuing - during sleep the baby is growing.

Children's books and toys in 12 months

With a baby at this age can already be actively engaged. You can read him books, tales, poems, sing songs to him. The books should be large and beautiful, the pictures should be bright and easily visible. The content of what the father or mother reads should be understandable for the child, but interesting. The child does not immediately understand that this is a book that you need to read. He looks at her and plays with it like a toy. Then the child will understand that the book is a source of interesting poems and fairy tales, and will wait for the mother to read them.

Today there are a lot of bright and beautiful coloring books, books with folding pages where you can easily see the head of a wolf or a bright fur coat of a red fox. Such books need to be bought by a child so that he can develop. Another opportunity to develop the baby will be bright cubes. Of these, you can build something, and they are painted with different letters. This is excellent for a child of the 1st year. This is an opportunity for further reading.

How to develop a child's speech?

When you go somewhere with a child, show him different things and phenomena and tell them about them. You can tell something to the kid while walking in the park, during a trip to the supermarket, during a hike to visit. The child will be very interesting and it will become a great cognitive joy for him.

Sing to the child songs, and he will soon sing along to you. This will help develop a musical ear for the child.

A child in 1 year likes to communicate very much. He can already understand the word "no", the word "impossible", the word "yes." Reserve words of a small child in 12 months - up to 8, and even 10. These are the simplest words with open syllables, such as "mom", "dad", "dada", "lya" and so on.

A child of 1 year old is already sufficiently developed to recognize objects on the picture and point fingers at them. The child can already recognize people and be happy or upset when they enter the apartment. Those who like the child, he gives to play with his toys, and those who do not like, shun.

A child in 12 months likes to be in company with adults. He instantly turns out to be where an adult company sits at a table or at a TV.

How does the child move in 12 months?

A child can carry toys in 12 months, engage in something interesting, for example, imitate his brother or sister, play with them. A child in 12 months can do gymnastics, jump, somersault, crawl, stand upside down. A child at 12 months is very fond of hiding. He can crawl under the bed or hide in toys. He enjoys playing with the ball, throwing it to an adult or just rolling the ball around the apartment.

Just enthusiastic child in 12 months playing with toys.

How does a child eat 12 months?

A child in 12 months can already confidently hold a spoon and even eat from it independently. He can shift a spoon from one handle to another, and his fist is hard at the same time. He also holds a cup well and can even drink from it. With this cup he can take water from the tank, where it is plentiful, for example, from a pan, a bucket or a whole bath. In addition, the child is very fond of playing with water. If he also likes to swim, this is very good. So you instilled in him useful habits.

Baby's baby teeth in 12 months

A child of this age already has several baby teeth. With these teeth the child can already chew something. But do not give him solid food. The child at 12 months with pleasure chews steam cutlets, porridge, dairy or curd casseroles. Kefir or yogurt with pieces of fruit or berries the child also drinks with pleasure. However, all these products need to be given to the child not immediately, but gradually, and make sure that he can eat them normally and not choke.

Feed your baby better every 3-4 hours a little. The food should be fresh, so that the baby does not get sick of the tummy.


Child safety in 12 months

To the kid could feel safe, he does not need much. The instinct of self-preservation in such a child is almost absent, but curiosity is more than enough. Therefore, the child can climb on the most dangerous surfaces, grab toys, fall into a bath with water, fall from the chair, just fall. However, when the kid is at a height, he begins to fear and loudly howl, calling adults. He has the first signs of fear of danger. This means that the child's brain is actively developing.

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Hearing and vision of the child in 12 months

A child at this age is a great researcher and experimenter. He is interested in learning new sounds and melodies. For this he can scream, squeal, squeak, mutter, talk about something and try to sing. This is not to annoy adults, but in order to hear what kind of sound it will turn out if the child screams or clicks.

Sometimes he uses this interesting technique in the morning to be noticed. Then mom and dad immediately wake up - how not to wake up from a gay childish squeal. These experiments the child can spend often and for a long time, shocking associates.

How to temper a child in 12 months?

The child in 12 months really likes to feel the legs of different surfaces. On the legs there are many reflexogenic zones that stimulate all the systems of the body. Including immune - the child will be sick less. Take the child by the handle on the sand (not hot), the wooden floor, the green grass, the fluffy carpet. The child likes to experiment with different surfaces, as well as their temperature. And this is very useful for him.

Pour the baby with water - first warm, then lower the water temperature by 1-2 degrees. If you pour at first difficult and you are afraid that the baby has a cold, you can start with grinding.

How to play with a child in 12 months?

Play with the baby can not only toys, but also household items. For a child at this age, any action is a game. Therefore, it will please him, if you show him that you can pour water in a cup with a spoon, dissolve sugar in water, stir it with a spoon, and mold various figures, squares, bollocks, ovals from the dough. For the child, this process is very entertaining and he will deal with it endlessly, not bored or crying.

You can sprinkle flour on the board and paint in it with fingers. This very well develops the fine motor skills of the child's hands, which is not yet developed. And the fact that the child is dirty with flour, it does not matter - but how much joy he will get! And with him, and mom and dad.

The first crisis of a child in 12 months

As you can see, the first crisis of the child comes not in adolescence, but in the age of only one year. The child can already form his own personal position - what he wants to do and what does not, what he likes and what does not. The child in 1 year already begins to realize his own "I". This changes his behavior - it can be stubborn and illogical. For example, a child may agree to do something (for example, to walk), and then abruptly give up, change his mind. The child can begin to fight with sleep, he can sometimes be capricious for no apparent reason.

Doctors-psychologists say that a child at this age can be allowed to scream and stamp feet if he really wants something. At another age - no, but in this - please. So the kid defends his life position. These are echoes of the time when crying was the only way a child could say or show something to parents when speech was not yet. Even now she is almost gone, but very soon the child will speak and such luxury as crying will be more and more inaccessible for him.

During the hysterics of the child, you can not beat or yell at him. If the baby cries, it means that something really is wrong with him, the child has a real grief. We must take him in his arms, calm him, shake him, kiss him. Very quickly all the problems of the baby will pass. The physiological characteristics of the child in 12 months are such that, since he started to roar loudly, he will calm down for a while, because he can still manifest hypertension of the muscles. To relax them, you need to relieve stress in the child, stroking it and thus eliminating muscle clamps.

The child in 12 months already shows its character. This is good, because it grows a person with a position. And the task of adults is to understand and help them.

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