All About Plastic Surgery

"The creation of nature is always more perfect than any artificial creation," Cicero said many centuries ago, but a modern woman has a different point of view on this score and plastic surgery comes to her aid.

Nose Correction

This procedure allows you to cope with a number of problems that bring inconvenience to people. Shorten the nose, remove the hump, change the shape of the nose and give it a natural shape after deformation is now simple.

Intimate contour plastic

The reasons for resorting to such a procedure may be related to various problems, but more often than not it is simply the desire of a woman or man to bring her body into a state close to the so-called ideal, which each person has, his own.

Sex reassignment surgery

Sex change is complex operation, which is indicated not to everyone. Gender identity problems, as a rule, go away with age, but certain percentage of people in middle age still feel uncomfortable in their own body.

Cosmetic surgery: myths and facts

Areas of aesthetic medicine are overgrown with a lot of myths and it is sometimes difficult to understand what statements can be true, and what is just fiction.

Aesthetic lip surgery

Cosmetic surgeons can now increase, reduce, renew, shorten and extend the lips in accordance with the patient's requests. This article reviews the embryology, anatomy, aesthetics and goals of lip surgery. In conclusion, many modern operations on the lips are described.

Otoplasty: surgical correction of lop-eared

Otoplasty is a surgical correction of the lop-eared. By analogy with rhinoplasty, in this case the path to the optimal result begins with a three-dimensional analysis of deformation.

Qualification of the doctor: who should perform plastic surgery?

Much depends on the qualifications that surgeons should receive before they acquire the right to call themselves "plastic surgeons" and perform operations defined as "plastic surgery".

Lasers in plastic surgery

Lasers emit light energy, which moves in the form of waves similar to ordinary light. The wavelength is the distance between two adjacent wave highs.

Anesthesia in aesthetic (plastic) surgery

Operations in aesthetic surgery are classified as simple or complex. The duration of the operations can vary substantially: from several minutes to several (7-8) hours.

Surgical treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars

The excision of a keloid scar in combination with conservative treatment is advisable in those cases when the keloid scar has small transverse dimensions on one side and extends considerably above the surface of the skin on the other.