Doctor Eli HAYMAN

Child Neurologist

Information about doctor

  • Diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases
  • Development problems in children with a wide range of neurological pathologies
  • Diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy
  • Congenital brain defects
  • Hyperactivity problems and attention disorders
  • Chronic migraine

Education and work experience

  • Tel Aviv University Medical University, Israel
  • Residency in the field of pediatric neurology at the medical center "Asaf-a-Rofe", Israel
  • Advanced training at Harvard University, USA
  • Internship in pediatric neurology, neurophysiology and epilepsy at the multi-disciplinary Boston Clinic, USA
  • Specialization in the care of premature babies at a clinic in Toronto, Canada

Membership in international organizations

  • Israel Medical Association
  • Israeli Association of Pediatric Neurologists
  • American Association of Child Neurology
  • American Association for the Treatment of Epilepsy