Diseases of the nervous system (neurology)

Trigeminal neuritis

Trigeminal neuritis is an inflammation of one or several peripheral processes of its branches, that is, external, located outside the brain, manifested by painful pain that violates the rhythm of life.

Anencephaly of the brain in the fetus

Among the intrauterine malformations, there is such a type of irreversible violation of fetal brain embryonic morphogenesis as anencephaly. In ICD-10, this defect is attributed to congenital anomalies of the nervous system with the code Q00.0.

Herpetic encephalitis

Herpetic encephalitis is a rather rare and severe disease, most of the cases of which are caused precisely by the virus of the first type. In the absence of timely diagnosis and a course of antiviral therapy, the disease is accompanied by high mortality...

Pinched the ulnar nerve

Compressive neuropathy is one of the most interesting, but at the same time the most difficult aspects of hand surgery. Compression or capture neuropathy occurs as a result of compression or pinching of a nerve at some point during its course in the upper limb. 

Treatment of sensory neuropathy

Drug with antispasmodic and vasodilating activity. Promotes expansion of the coronary vessels, increases cerebral circulation and improves metabolic processes in the brain.

Sensory neuropathy of the lower and upper extremities

Neuropathy is a disease that occurs when nerve function is impaired. According to the International Classification of Diseases ICD-10, this pathology belongs to category VI. Diseases of the nervous system.

Motor neuropathy

Among the risk factors for motor neuropathy, experts refer to disorders of the immune system with activation of autoimmune reactions, loss of the myelin sheaths of nerve fibers and axons of motoneurons.

Problems with sleep: causes, symptoms

Sleep is an important element of human life. And although we do not sleep for 16 hours a day, like a coteyki, we need no less a dream. During those 6-9 hours, which are given to sleep by the average person, the body has enough time to rest and recover for fruitful work during the day.

Treating sleep problems

So it turns out that many people do not consider sleep disturbances as something dangerous for their health and think about what to do in case of problems with sleep only when they begin to affect not only the state of health, but also the labor relations.