Глаукома (от греч. glaukos) - «водянистый синий». Впервые этот термин был упомянут в «Афоризмах» Гиппократа около 400 г. до н.э.

Наиболее современное определение: глаукома - патологическое состояние с прогрессирующей гибелью аксонов ганглиозных клеток, приводящей к нарушению полей зрения, что связано с внутриглазным давлением.

Глазные капли от глаукомы и глазного давления

Eye drops with glaucoma are medicines that can stop the disease, leading to loss of vision. Let's consider effective preparations from a glaucoma, a rule of their use and indications to application.

Glaucoma is an ophthalmic disease that, without proper treatment, leads to complete blindness. Glaucoma can occur in a chronic form, in which case the lesion is accompanied by a constant increase in intraocular pressure and disturbances in the outflow of intraocular fluid. This leads to the development of defects in the optic nerves.

The main cause of glaucoma is increased intraocular pressure. Therefore, the main stage of treatment is the reduction of eye pressure to normal levels. If this is not done, then you can get an incurable blindness because of the loss of the optic nerves. Eye drops with glaucoma help to lower the pressure and stop the destruction of the optic nerves. According to the medical statistics, about 3% of people suffer from glaucoma, and 15% of those who are blind, glaucoma has caused blindness. To the appearance of the disease are predisposed people older than 40 years, but there is congenital and youthful glaucoma.

To treat the disease use such medications:

  • Eye drops to improve the outflow of fluid inside the eye

These drugs holinomimetiki, which favorably affect the natural outflow of fluid and effectively reduce intraocular pressure . For treatment use a solution of Hydrochloric acid and Pilocarpine. Eye drops on the basis of such holinomimetikov as Carbocholine and Acekledin are used only for the doctor's prescription, as they cause a number of side effects. To this group of drugs are new medicines: Travoprost and Latonoprost, they effectively increase the outflow of fluid through additional eye pathways.

  • Drops to reduce the production of intraocular fluid

The second group of drugs are antihypertensive eye drops, which include a solution of Betaxolol, Timolol maleate, Proxodalol, Dorzolamide hydrochloride and others. Timolol maleate, which is used to treat all types of glaucoma, is popular. Preparations with this substance are released under the name: Arutimol, Okumed, Oftan-Timolol. Proxdolol has similar efficacy, which must be digested 2-3 times a day. To effectively reduce the intraocular pressure, drugs with several active substances are used that not only normalize the pressure, but also reduce the production of intraocular fluid. Such combined preparations include: Polycarpine, Proxodol, Pilocarpine, Latanoprost, Fotil and others.

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