Infections, sexually transmitted infections

Клотримазол от молочницы

Among the many antifungal agents for drug therapy of vaginal candidiasis or thrush, advertising of which is full of Internet, fashion magazines, signs and stands in pharmacy kiosks, the most acceptable, effective and safe means is clotrimazole from thrush.


Under the concept of vaginal candidiasis or thrush is understood as the inflammation in the mucous membrane of the vagina caused by yeast fungi of the genus Candida. This is a very common infection. Mushrooms can parasitize anywhere: on the surfaces of vegetables and fruits, on the skin, in the mouth, in the intestines, the airways, the genitourinary system.

Mushrooms and other microorganisms on the skin and mucous membranes of the newborn get from the mother's birth canal during childbirth, and remain with him for life. They become sick of disease only when immunity is weakened. To cause disease most of all they are provoked by antibiotics, in particular, their frequent and long reception. The microflora of the human body under the influence of antibiotics, loses its normal balance, its biological balance is violated. At the same time, candidate fungi, which are conditionally pathogenic flora, which previously existed quietly in our body, begin to multiply intensively. The development of thrush can contribute to factors such as hormonal disorders, obesity, avitaminosis, chronic diseases, diabetes, pregnancy. Candidiasis is characterized by curdled discharge from the vagina of white color with a sour unpleasant odor. Patients complain of itching, which increases prolonged walking, menstruation.

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