Caring for a cat

Care for a cat requires sufficient awareness of the characteristics of its nature and physiology. Yes, it is the character, because any cat has it, and the animal constantly demonstrates it - with the help of movements with the ears and tail. Owners of domestic cats must take into account that their pets are predators and hunters, so they need to be given the right to implement natural patterns of behavior one way or another.

Good care for the cat - proper feeding, hygiene, health monitoring - allows you to extend the allotted 7-8 years of cat life to 16-18 years.

Пробиотики для животных

Probiotics for animals are an important medicinal product that helps them to normalize the quantitative and qualitative composition of the intestinal microflora and protect against many pathogenic microorganisms.


Having in structure useful bacteria of various kinds, probiotics replace pathogenic flora from an intestines of animals and populate it with useful microorganisms. Thanks to the normalization of the bacterial ratio, the digestion of food products and the absorption of nutrients are improved.

Probiotics can be divided into several subgroups, based on their composition. So, they can contain lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, yeast and various bioadditives.

So, medicines based on yeast are of low cost, and the effect consists in replenishing vitamin and protein deficiency of the animal. Such preparations are not destroyed under the influence of high temperatures, which allows them to be used in feeds exposed to thermal effects. The disadvantage of yeast is the lack of ability to restore the intestinal microflora.

Probiotics, which include B. Subtilis, are competitive medicines for pathogenic microorganisms. In some cases, this type of probiotics is used instead of antibacterial drugs to expel harmful bacteria from the intestinal lumen.

This type of probiotics is also not destroyed under the influence of high temperature, but it should be remembered that at 100 degrees there are destructive processes in microorganisms, which leads to their death.

Using probiotics from the first days of the animal's life, formation of a healthy intestinal microflora is observed, which ensures normal digestion and high resistance to infectious agents.

If it is necessary to use an antibacterial agent, an additional intake of probiotics is required to prevent the death of beneficial bacteria and colonization by pathogenic microorganisms. It should be noted that not all probiotic preparations are resistant to the action of antibacterial agents, so it is rational to use them at the end of the course of antibiotics. Of course, it is possible to choose a certain type of probiotic, which is allowed to be used in parallel with antibacterial drugs.

With the simultaneous administration of probiotic and antibacterial agents, it must be remembered that the first should be used a few more days after the completion of antibiotics. This is necessary for the complete restoration of the composition of beneficial bacteria and the death of pathogenic microflora

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