Skin Care

Кремы от раздражения кожи

Every man has encountered skin irritation at least once in his life. This phenomenon has many causes - weather conditions, the use of inappropriate or overdue cosmetics and perfumes, household chemicals, clothes and shoes from inappropriate materials, plants, food, stress and even water.

The surface of the skin is irritated in response to the intrusion of foreign toxic elements. Inflamed skin can not realize its protective function, they are an open gate for infection.

Irritation is manifested by redness, dryness, small cracks and even blisters may appear. Skin covers during this period inadequately react to external stimuli - air temperature, ultraviolet rays, synthetic tissues, and touches. Therefore, with such manifestations, the normal skin condition must necessarily be restored.

To make the skin again clean, no longer scratching and cracks, first, it is advisable to think carefully, to establish the cause of the appearance of irritation and to remove contact with the stimulus.

Secondly, do not engage in self-medication, and consult with a dermatologist.

Thirdly, until the skin functions are restored, it is recommended to abstain from alcohol, sweet, fatty, smoked, spicy and exotic food, include more vegetables in your diet, and try to be less nervous.

The process of skin regeneration needs help. The easiest way to do this is with the help of soothing irritating creams, prepared on the basis of natural ingredients. Skin on inflamed areas must be cleaned with hypoallergenic soft agents. Do not use alcohol-containing lotions and tonics.

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