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Skin Care

Creams for skin irritation

Irritated skin surface in response to the invasion of foreign toxic elements. Inflamed skin can not implement its protective function, they are open gates for infection.

Creams from cellulite - active helpers in the difficult struggle with the "orange peel"

At all times, women are paid a lot of attention to their appearance. And although at different times had their own standards of female beauty, the question of compliance with these standards was relevant at all times.

Mummy from stretch marks

Stretch marks on the body - an annoying problem that occurs for various reasons, both women and men. They are formed on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms in the shoulder area - as a consequence of pregnancy, sudden weight changes, hormonal disturbances, lack of collagen in the skin.

Nourishing Foot Creams

It is believed that all the burdens fall on our shoulders. In fact it was his feet, literally, carry, in addition to body weight, all physical activity and severity, tolerate trekking and uncomfortable shoes, cold and heat.

Раздражение на лобке после бритья

Are there ways to get rid of the effects of skin irritation? How to prevent this trouble in the future?

Moisturizing creams against dryness and flaky skin

Dry skin cream helps with the appearance of peeling, tightening sensations, constant irritation.

Mummy in tablets from stretch marks

Mask of stretch marks with a mummy in tablets manufactured based on the classic children's cream.

Вакуумный массаж груди

In this procedure, a special apparatus is used which is a double acting pump and a compressor. Also there are special nozzles of different sizes.

Массаж женской груди: виды и техника

To maintain beauty, you should not be lazy to regularly perform procedures with a massage of the female breast.

Cream from stretch marks: which is more effective?

Before you present to your attention a rating of creams for stretch marks, it should be recalled that the stretch marks on various parts of the body are strip-atrophoderma - striae.

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