Facts about intimacy

Female breast, as an erogenous zone

Let's talk about what a woman's breast can please her owner and partner of this owner and in our ordinary, full of worries and troubles, life ...

Petting (Necking)

Erogenic zones are widely used not only in normal sexual life, but also in petting ...

Erogenous zones: the preparatory period of sexual intercourse

Erogenic zones are called patches of skin or mucous membranes, the irritation of which causes sexual arousal ...

Intensity of sexual activity

From ancient times to the present, numerous attempts have been made to work out some average norms of the intensity of sexual life ...

Classification of psychological types of sexual partners

All stages and versions of so-called sexual technology should be considered not only from the point of view of the mechanical effect of certain stimuli, but also in terms of their psychological content ...

Intimacy improves the person

In the course of long-term studies and experiments, scientists have found out how sex moves forward evolutionary processes.


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