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Admission of a new drug will delay the aging

It has long been proven that moderation in the caloric content of the diet helps to slow down the development of age processes. However, specialists do not recommend starvation for slowing aging, this may pose a danger to human health.

14 August 2018, 09:00

A new drug created a robot

It's no secret that the process of creating and further testing new drugs is always very time-consuming and time-consuming. However, modern science does not stand still: now this question is solved not only by pharmacologists, but also by robots. 

31 July 2018, 09:00

Immunocytes kill pathogens with the help of "bleach"

Attacking the bacterium, the cells of the immune system - neutrophils - are immediately treated with an oxidizing agent, namely hypochlorous acid.
Human immunity "knows" many methods of combating pathogens. 

25 July 2018, 09:00

New development of neurobiologists allows to "get" images from human memory

Scientists, neurobiologists, representing the Canadian University of Toronto, came up with a technique for digital reproduction of persons present in human memory.

01 July 2018, 09:00

A convenient and miniature apparatus for ultrasound diagnostics was created

Most people are familiar with this kind of diagnosis, like ultrasound. What does a standard ultrasound machine look like? This is quite a cumbersome installation with a hotel monitor, which is installed permanently, or can move around the room on special wheels. Agree, it is not always convenient, is not it?

19 June 2018, 09:00

Scientists have used VR to study cancer processes

Most of us belong to VR - virtual reality, - just like to entertainment. VR for many is associated primarily with computer games and watching movies. However, this technology is capable of becoming a powerful tool for studying cancer processes. This is what scientists from the Australian University of New South Wales recently said.

03 June 2018, 09:00

Scientists managed to grow a part of the human kidney in the body of the rodent

The use of stem cells leads to new discoveries. Recently, scientists have managed to turn human stem cells into nephrons directly in the body of rodents. The resulting nephrons filtered the blood in the same way as it usually does in a high-grade kidney.

08 April 2018, 09:00

Diagnosis via smartphone will soon become a reality

Medicine does not trample on the spot, but it keeps pace with the times. There is a high probability that soon some medical professions will be replaced by gadgets that will be able to diagnose diseases.

04 April 2018, 09:00

Resveratrol: a new step towards rejuvenation

A group of leading genetic scientists from the UK created a new way to restore aging cell structures. The basis of the new technique is the use of natural phenol - resveratrol.

28 February 2018, 09:00

Nanoparticles will come to the rescue with endometrial cancer

The possibilities of treating cancer are expanding every year. However, statistics is still disappointing: in every six patients with endometrial cancer, 1-2 cases result in a fatal outcome.

16 February 2018, 09:00

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