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Overview of medicines

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Treatment of ringing in the ears with drugs

Medication should be taken with caution and only after a preliminary consultation with a doctor. Usually even a doctor does not prescribe medicines on his own. His appointment is based on the results of a comprehensive survey, which makes it possible to identify the main cause of the pathology

Effective remedies for severe sweating of the hands, armpits and face

Sweating is a physiological process necessary for the body's heat regulation. Sweat is not only sick people, but also healthy. This leads to physical stress, high temperature of the air or body.

Rinser for the oral cavity Listerine: composition, types, how to rinse

To date, everyone knows that for teeth health they need to be cleaned twice a day with toothpaste. However, not everyone knows that with the help of paste and brush it is possible to clean only a part of the oral cavity.

Medications for vomiting and diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea are those "enemies" of a person that arise always unexpectedly and not in time, changing plans, crushing aspirations, breaking graphs.

IOV Baby in adenoids for children: how to take, feedback

One of the most unpleasant and rather dangerous problems of childhood is an increase in adenoids. While these formations from the lymphoid tissue are small, they not only do not harm, but, on the contrary, help to keep the infection from penetrating into the body, and the body itself helps to fight diseases, strengthening immunity.

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