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Overview of medicines

Ear drops and other remedies for ear congestion

The bottom line is that often the ear lays with dangerous diseases - it can become not only a sulfur plug or runny nose, but also an otitis, a tumor, a furuncle, vascular pathologies, etc.

Antibiotics for lymphadenitis

Inflammation of the lymph nodes can be purulent, and most often provoked by bacteria such as staphylococci and streptococci - therefore, it is impossible to imagine the treatment of this disease without antibiotic therapy.

Antidepressants in overeating

Psychotropic medications to relieve and eliminate depressive conditions, anxiety, nervousness are antidepressants. The mechanism of their action is aimed at improving mood, normalizing sleep and appetite.

Laxatives and enema from overeating

Another type of medication that is recommended for treating complications of excessive eating is laxatives. To date, the pharmaceutical market is represented by many medications that normalize the work of the intestines and eliminate constipation.

Drugs for overeating

To date, there are several types of medicines on the pharmaceutical market that help to combat the problem of overeating and its complications. Consider popular means that normalize the body's condition with regular binge eating

Enzymes in overeating

A special kind of compounds involved in the cleavage of all components that enter the digestive tract are digestive enzymes. When overeating, natural enzymes are very important, because they facilitate rapid assimilation of nutrients, without disturbing the work of the organism.

Preparations of iron for anemia: which are better absorbed

In the human body contains various trace elements - and one of them is iron. His influence on most of the most important processes in the body is truly enormous.

Tablets with acute cystitis

Inflammation of the bladder is accompanied by pain in the urinary tract, spasms, urination disorders. To facilitate pathological symptoms and eliminate pathogens, pharmacotherapy is performed.

Antibiotics for acute cystitis

An obligatory component of medicamental treatment of inflammation of the bladder is antibiotics. The need for these drugs is caused by the infectious nature of the disease.

Treatment of acute cystitis with drugs

Most often the inflammation of the bladder proceeds in a chronic form, periodically exacerbating. To date, there are many medications used to treat cystitis of various etiologies.