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Overview of medicines

Wart removal with celandine: how to withdraw

Papillomas and warts found on the skin, as well as condylomas, formed on the mucous membrane of the genital organs, are a characteristic symptom of infection with papillomavirus infection.

Polysorb for alcohol and food poisoning

With food poisoning, the most important thing is timely and qualified help to a person. Gastric lavage is effective only in the first minutes after consuming poor-quality or openly poisonous food, and then it descends into the intestine, where the absorption of harmful substances takes place.

Treatment of wounds with antibiotics: ointments, tablets

Trauma to the skin or mucous membrane with a violation of integrity in their entire thickness and more, opening access for getting microbes from the environment is called an open wound.

Antibiotics for chlamydia in women and men

The most common venereal infection caused by the smallest microorganisms - chlamydia, is difficult to treat. In the overwhelming majority of cases, its course is asymptomatic, patients fall into the doctor's field of vision, already having a neglected form of the disease.

How and when should I use antibiotics in pancreatitis?

Inflammation of the pancreas is not only an unpleasant, but also quite dangerous phenomenon, which, in the absence of treatment or inadequate therapy, can even deprive a person of life.

Drugs that increase the level of endorphin

An interesting thing, this hormone is endorphin. And relieves pain, and mood improves, and illness helps to heal. Really for so many years of dating him no one has attempted to artificially stimulate the production of such a useful hormone?

Drugs for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease is not insured, just as there is no magic pill to treat it. But there are methods that reduce the risk of neurodegenerative pathology and slow its progression.

Enterosgel for adult and child poisoning

Today, poisoning is quite frequent. In everyday medical practice, you can find different types of poisoning.

Vitamins for pancreatitis

Given the lack of pancreatic enzymes that arise during this disease, which ensure the work of the entire digestive system, the intake of vitamins is recognized by gastroenterologists as mandatory in the chronic form of the disease.

Treatment of tuberculosis with antibiotics

Today, tuberculosis is a serious medical problem. The incidence of tuberculosis is increasing.

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