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Alternative medicine

Treatment of diffuse changes in myometrium with alternative agents and herbs

If you look at the meaning of the pathology, the diffuse changes in myometrium, which are often direct evidence of adenomyosis, are a serious pathology with which even traditional medicine can not always handle adequately.

Treatment of exudative otitis media at home by alternative means

Persistent serous inflammation of the mucous membrane of the auditory tube and the tympanic cavity refers to very serious diseases, which should be treated by a qualified doctor.

Treatment of gastritis with herbs: erosive, atrophic, with increased and decreased acidity

To medicinal herbs, mankind has long had a respectful and confidential attitude. In those times when medicine was inaccessible to many and not very developed as a science, people, observing the effect on the organism of those or other plants, were established in their healing properties and used to get rid of various ailments.

Cleaning the intestines with dietary soda for losing weight at home

There is an opinion that all health problems are due to slagging of the body. Throughout life, a person comes into contact with a polluted environment, with every year on the streets more vehicles, and therefore exhaust, heavy metal salts, chemical compounds

Treatment of gastritis with honey: recipes

Patients with gastritis are very meticulous about nutrition. Any dish they assess for the way it will respond to the stomach - calm or protest?

Alternative remedies for polyps in the uterus: medicinal herbs, oils, homeopathy

Today, there are various methods for treating polyps. They are used as conservative, yet radical methods. Conservative include correction of the hormonal state, symptomatic therapy.

Effective alternatives for acute, chronic and obstructive bronchitis

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the airways of a person, which most often occurs due to the ingress of various viruses into them. This is a dangerous disease, because without proper or untimely treatment, the inflammatory focus can spread to the lungs or flow into a chronic stage.

Treatment of gastritis with high acidity in herbs

Almost every second inhabitant of the world suffers from diseases of the stomach, among which gastritis is in the first place. The diagnosis of "gastritis" has become so widespread recently that you will not surprise anyone, and even more you will not hear lamentations on the topic of where this misfortune came from.

Treatment of dysplasia of the cervix by alternative means

The combination of traditional methods of treatment with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition will play an important role in the treatment.

Alternative drugs for liver treatment

Alternative medicine medicines for the liver are used as an additional remedy. Consider popular and effective recipes of alternative medicine.

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