Alternative medicine

Aloe gastritis treatment: how to take

Aloe is considered one of the most popular alternative medicine that can relieve many diseases. For example, if you take aloe for gastritis, you can soon stop the development of the inflammatory process, restore the mucous membrane and even strengthen the immune defense.

How to bring down the temperature of alternative means and herbs?

When the temperature rises to 38-38.5-39-39.5, and at home there is no necessary medicine or it is not possible to use them, it makes sense to use non-medical methods to combat fever and fever.

Proper cleansing of the body with oats: how to brew and drink?

Mild and harmless is considered the treatment of intestinal oats. It is recommended in various situations, because the cereal has a whole range of useful qualities: firming, immunostimulating, rejuvenating, adsorbing, sedative and so on.

Tibetan cleansing of the body: recipes, contraindications, reviews

The method of cleansing the body of Tibetan monks in the modern world is more relevant than ever. Overeating, alcoholic drinking and smoking, unnatural food, sedentary lifestyle, stress and overload, environmental pollution - there are more than enough reasons to be “out of shape”.

How to remove dry calluses on the toes by alternative means?

Alternative medicine is the experience of previous generations in the fight against diseases that have existed for more than a dozen years. The problem of the formation of dry corns is also not new, and over the years of its existence, many recipes have been accumulated for dealing with it.

Chamomile douching at home

Washing the vagina with medical solutions can be carried out only in consultation with your doctor. The doctor makes recommendations regarding the duration of treatment, the number of procedures and techniques for their implementation.

Cleansing the body with flax seeds for weight loss: use, how to use

This is beauty, vigor, lightness in the body, excellent well-being and high performance. Every person aspires to this, but not everyone knows how to achieve this.

Propolis tincture for atrophic gastritis, increased acidity

Today, various non-traditional methods of treatment are becoming increasingly popular: homeopathic, alternative remedies, herbal medicine. Various substances and components of animal, vegetable, natural origin are effectively included in the composition of various pharmaceutical preparations produced on a large scale.

Alternative remedies for sweating underarms

It is not necessary to think that our ancestors, in the absence of knowledge in the field of medicine, were so limited in effective means of sweat. How much there is a problem of increased sweating, so many people try to solve it in various ways.

Alternative remedies for diarrhea

Frequent desires for defecation with swelling and abdominal pain are diarrhea. Alternative means for diarrhea - this is the most simple and effective way to cope with the disorder.


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