Treatment of constipation

Cleansing enema with chamomile for a child and an adult: recipes

Among the various medical procedures, an enema in the people is considered one of the most disrespectful. Perhaps this is due to not very pleasant sensations during the washing of the intestine.

Senna slimming: herb, leaves, tea, tablets, broth

Senna (cassia holly, Alexandrian leaf) is a tropical plant with cleansing and healing properties.

Senada tablets for weight loss: how to take

In a modern society where women are so concerned about their appearance that they forget about their true purpose and the need to take care of their health, there is always a place for inexplicable, and sometimes rather silly, facts.

Laxative Slimming Pills

Many people seeking to lose weight tend to believe that the means of constipation can help them achieve their cherished goal. With what it is connected, and indeed, do laxatives help lose weight?

Drops from constipation for children

Constipation in a child is a problem that almost all parents face. Consider effective drugs for its elimination, their classification, the mechanism of action.

Pills against constipation

How to choose the right pill for constipation, if there are dozens of drugs on the shelves of pharmacies? Are all laxatives medicines the same, or are there differences in their effectiveness?

Drops from constipation for adults and the elderly

Constipation can also occur due to emotional and psychological problems - strong feelings, stress. In such cases, drops can help with constipation.

Sea-buckthorn suppository against constipation

Their relevance is explained by the fact that they combine such important factors as high efficiency and complete safety. 

Drops from colic

Drops from colic used in gastrointestinal problems belong to the pharmacological group of carminative (carminative) agents that facilitate the liberation of the intestine from gases, the accumulation of which is accompanied by paroxysmal painful spasms

Suppositories against constipation

Suppositories from constipation show a good result in chronic forms. When choosing a drug, you need to know several important points, first of all, the cause of constipation.


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