The effect of magnetic storms on human health

Magnetic storms can significantly affect not only people's health, but also their activities - they destroy power systems, worsen the transmission of communications, harm navigation systems.

Syndrome of hormonal ointment on face: how to treat

What it is necessary to know about this syndrome to those who are planning, or already undergo such treatment?

Syndrome of anterior staircase

The syndrome of the anterior staircase (also called Nuffziger syndrome - by the name of the author who described this disease for the first time - HC Naffziger, 1937) is one of the most frequent variants of pathology in the combined category of syndromes observed in the upper sternum entrance.

The Frauleys Syndrome

The syndrome itself is not a disease in the full sense of the word, but its symptomatology indicates the development of concomitant diseases associated with impaired functioning of one or both kidneys.

The Afghan Syndrome

The war in Afghanistan, 1979-1989. Is considered one of the most cruel and longest in the history of mankind. 10 years of pain and horror, which was the confrontation of Soviet troops and partisan movement of local residents.

Mayer-Rokytansky-Kyustner Syndrome

Outwardly, this defect is not noticeable, women have all secondary sexual characteristics (chest and hair in the genital areas), completely normal external genitalia.

Blushing syndrome: causes, symptoms

Blushing syndrome is a person's physiological state, which consists in sudden redness. All of us met people who, from nothing meaningless for us phrases or jokes from embarrassment, suddenly burst into flashes.

Syndrome of accelerated ESR

When you go to a medical institution for prevention purposes, or when you visit a doctor with complaints, the most common laboratory test is a general laboratory blood test, in our case, a study - ESR, which means the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation.

Frederick's syndrome

In Frederic syndrome, the most frequent violation of stable atrial work, beginning to contract erratically. Rarely does atrial fibrillation appear on the cardiogram instead of atrial fibrillation, and cardiac investigations reveal a failure of stable intracardiac blood flow.


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