Mental Health

Symptoms of overeating

Studies have shown that most people with the problem of overweight and uncontrolled eating can not accurately name how and when the first signs of an eating disorder appeared.


It would seem that fatigue is not at all such a terrible condition, which you should not pay attention to.

Permanent thirst: what this symptom can talk about

The constant thirst is when a person wants to drink more often than usual, and this desire arises regardless of physical activity, temperature indices of the air, salinity of food and other external factors.

The habit of gnawing nails

Agree that it is quite unpleasant to see a person, especially if he is your interlocutor, who has a persistent habit of gnawing his nails.

Increased drowsiness

Increased drowsiness is perceived by many as an indicator of an approaching weather change. But the reasons provoking such discomfort, in actual fact is much more.

Extrapyramidal symptoms

Extrapyramidal symptoms appear due to violations in the extrapyramidal system. This is due to changes in muscle tone, the appearance of hyperkinesis, hypokinesia and impaired motor activity.

Daytime sleepiness: is there any reason for concern?

Daytime sleepiness is a logical consequence of the violation of the physiological norm of night rest of the central nervous system and the whole organism.

Signs of fatigue

Fatigue - this feeling is familiar to every person who is able to move and think. There are many signs of fatigue. We will try to voice them in this article and understand the mechanism of their occurrence.


Tearfulness is the emotional state with which a person encounters throughout life. Consider the main causes and symptoms of the syndrome of tearfulness, methods of treatment and prevention.

A constant feeling of hunger

If a person feels a constant sense of hunger, then it is worthwhile to think about the failure in this system. But the reason for this deviation can only be determined by a doctor.