Rest on the Dead Sea

Temperature of the Dead Sea

The temperature of the dead sea pleases holidaymakers all year round. Consider the climate of the Dead Sea, the temperature of air and water. And also we will choose the ideal time of year for rest and treatment on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Contraindications to treatment and rest on the Dead Sea

Contraindications to treatment and rest on the Dead Sea are based on the properties of water, mud, air and sea salt. Consider the main restrictions to rest on the Dead Sea, as well as the rules of effective treatment on the seashore of Israel.

Cities of the Dead Sea

All sanatoria, clinics and hotels are located in a specific natural zone and do not want to spend medical and recreational activities somewhere in the desert. Therefore, there is a desire to learn more about those cities of the dead sea, which will have to go through recovery.

Sanatoriums of the Dead Sea

Modern Israel is the leader in the level of sanatorium-and-spa treatment. This type of pastime provides an opportunity not only to relax, but also to heal, correcting their health. For this, the sanatoriums of the dead sea, differing in the specialized direction of the disease, which they treat, are perfect.

Dead Sea Resorts

Resorts of the Dead Sea, located directly on its coast, near the beaches, are very numerous.

Hotels on the Dead Sea

Hotels on the Dead Sea - in Israel and Jordan - are represented by hotels of different classes (three, four and five stars).

How to get to the Dead Sea?

Do you want to know how to get to the Dead Sea without losing time and money? Consider two possible options for a unique lake - from the city of the three religions of Jerusalem, as well as from the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea - from the port city of Eilat.

Beaches of the Dead Sea

To get to the beaches of the Dead Sea in its northern part, just 39 km from Jerusalem, and from Tel-Aviv you will have to travel two and a half times more.

Weather on the Dead Sea

The characteristic climatic conditions - that is, the weather on the Dead Sea - are associated with the location of the salt lake itself. As is known, the Dead Sea lies on the bottom of the Great Rift Valley (another name is the Jordanian tectonic depression).

SPA on the Dead Sea

Almost all hotels in this resort area can be attributed to a spa on the dead sea. Going to Earth promised by a tourist or with recreational purposes, there is always an opportunity to choose a haven for your taste and wallet.