Symptoms of prostatitis

Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis

Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis (Category IV according to the NIH classification) is a histologically confirmed, clinically latent bacterial or abacterial inflammation of the prostate that is detected during examination for other diseases.

Premature ejaculation and chronic prostatitis

First, there is premature ejaculation (or accelerated compared to previous indicators), then the quality of adequate erections deteriorates, and then the libido decreases.

Non-bacterial chronic prostatitis

Non-bacterial chronic prostatitis is characterized by an increased amount of leukocytes in the exprimates of the gonads, but microflora growth on media is not obtained, DNA-diagnostic tests for BHV, infections are also negative. In addition to infection, inflammation of the prostate can provoke autoimmune processes, microcirculation disorders and chemical burn due to urine reflux.

Bacterial chronic prostatitis

It is believed that bacterial chronic prostatitis is a rare enough pathology: so, given one of the studies, among 656 patients with symptoms of prostatitis only 7% had data confirming the II category of the disease.

Symptoms of chronic prostatitis

Symptoms of chronic prostatitis include pain, urination disorders and sexual disorders. Pain can be firing, pulling, dull, burning, constant, paroxysmal; localize in the perineum, above the bosom, in the sacrum; irradiate to the glans penis and / or the scrotum.

Acute prostatitis

As a rule, acute prostatitis is easily recognized and successfully treated, therefore, it does not cause particular difficulties for urologists.