Neck, throat

Pain in the neck

Pain in the neck is a pretty unpleasant phenomenon that can overtake everyone. Let's look at why there is pain in the neck, what it is like, how to correctly diagnose and treat it.

Pain when turning the head

Symptoms such as acute pain when turning the head or constant aching pain, which are localized in the neck and become more tangible with the slightest change in the position of the head, are familiar to many.

Pain in the throat muscles

Pain in the muscles of the throat is a complex, variable symptom that is not specific, that is, indicating a specific disease. Complaints of sore throat and larynx muscles are considered to be one of the most common in medical practice, however, in order to determine their cause, it is required to clarify the nature of the symptom and conduct certain diagnostic actions.

Nasopharyngeal pain

It happens that periodically in some organs there are violations or malfunctions. There is also pain in the nasopharynx. This phenomenon is very unpleasant, however, it indicates that a disease has appeared in the ENT area.

Pain in the muscles of the neck

Pain in the muscles of the neck, or cervicalgia, is located exclusively in the neck muscles and does not irradiate to other parts of the body, arises in connection with the lesion of the cervical spine or muscles in this area.

Pain in the lymph nodes

The most common pain in the lymph nodes occurs due to damage to the body of any kind of infection. Enlargement of lymph nodes can report the presence of serious diseases, ranging from normal influenza or angina and ending with rare types of diseases, for example, leukemia.

Pain in an Adam's apple

Pain in an Adam's apple can be a symptom of many diseases, the most popular of which is thyroiditis.

Sore throat during pregnancy

The pain in the throat during pregnancy can bother the woman for various reasons. This may be an elementary angina, there may be a sore throat due to a poor microclimate (increased dryness of the air), or it may be a manifestation of serious diseases of a different nature. Sore throat can be a manifestation of sore throat, which causes pain and redness, and can lead to trouble when swallowing and even breathing.

Pain in the larynx

The most serious and common diseases of the larynx include laryngitis, croup (diphtheria), neoplasms on ligaments and cancer. What causes pain in the larynx, what are the symptoms of larynx diseases and how to treat them?

Sore throat in children

Sore throat is a common problem for children. Usually it appears as a result of a bacterial or viral infection. Although sore throat in children often goes without complications, sometimes babies need antibiotic treatment. Some causes of sore throat can be dangerous for a child's life. How to determine the causes of sore throat in children, how to diagnose them and how to treat them?


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