Legs, pelvis

Why are my toes cramping and what to do?

Today, perhaps there is not a single person who, even once in his life, has not experienced what spasm is. Currently, convulsions occur not only in elderly and mature people, but also in young people, adolescents, and children.

Pain in the leg behind the knee, thighs, calves: pulling, strong

Pain is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of a variety of diseases. It is he who deprives us of rest, worsens working capacity, paints everything around in gloomy colors.

Pain after conception

Pain after conception alarms women, especially those who want to become pregnant and endure a healthy baby. What is the evidence of pain, what is its cause and why it appears. Let's look at this, as well as how to prevent the onset of pain and how to deal with it.

Erectile Pain

Erectile pain is not only discomfort during intercourse, it is also psychological stress and reproductive health disorders. It's a shame to realize this especially at a young age.

Pain in the perineum

Pain in the perineum is peculiar to people, regardless of their age and sexual characteristics, as its nature can be completely different. In addition, pain symptoms can be accompanied by other signs of a disease, for example, problems with urination.

Pain in the scrotum

With such a problem as pain in the scrotum, not only mature men face, but also teenagers. The annoying pain can be indicative of serious diseases leading to impotence and infertility.

Pain in the pelvic muscles

Pain in the pelvic muscles can be due to various reasons, this is due to the complex structure and variety of the muscles of the pelvic region. Some of them begin directly from the spine and are attached directly to the pelvic bones, so the muscular syndromes can be both vertebral and pelvic.

Pain in the gluteus muscle

The pain in the gluteus muscle is most often felt in m. Gluteus maximus (large muscle), but can also be localized in m. Piriformis - pear-shaped muscle and other structural constituents of the buttock.

Pain in the right ovary

Pain in the right ovary can not be a false signal. Sometimes it is caused by a mild ailment, which itself can be eliminated, and sometimes it is a "cry" for the help of the body.

Menstrual pain

Some sources claim that 56% of women experience moderate-to-moderate menstrual pains that do not interfere with their daily activities. At the same time, about 35% of women experience such severe menstrual pains during critical days that they not only have body temperature changes, chills appear, but also lose consciousness.


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