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MRI diagnostics

MRI of the elbow joint

Indications for magnetic resonance imaging include trauma, as well as inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of this joint, accompanied by pain and mobility restriction.

MRI of the shoulder joint

And although the danger of x-ray radiation, used in modern radiography and computer tomography devices, is significantly exaggerated, human health is nevertheless put on the forefront.

MRI of the hip: what does it show and how do they do it?

Magnetic resonance imaging provides the most accurate and detailed images, that is, the maximum information for setting the right diagnosis, and also facilitates differential diagnosis of joint syndromes.
English translation unavailable for MRI of the knee: what shows the decoding of the results.
English translation unavailable for MRI of the lumbar spine.

MRI of the eye orbits

Magnetic resonance imaging - a method of diagnostic research of various human organs, combining the knowledge of nuclear physics and medicine.

MRI of the ankle: preparation, technique

Today, magnetic resonance imaging is increasingly being used to diagnose various internal and external injuries and injuries. It is used in various fields of medical practice: from gastroenterology and neurosurgery to traumatology and orthopedics.

MRI of the pituitary: evidence, preparation, how to do, normal results

The diagnostic radial method, to which magnetic resonance imaging belongs, is one of the most informative methods for determining even small changes in the structure of tissues.

MRI of the spine

The diagnostic technique of magnetic resonance imaging is now recognized as one of the most revealing and informative instrumental procedures.

MRI of mammary glands

MRI of the breast or magnetic resonance imaging is a study that significantly helps to establish a diagnosis of the disease and conduct its treatment.

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