Lifestyle for gout

List of prohibited foods for gout

During exacerbations of gout, along with drug treatment, the patient is required to prescribe a diet, as certain changes in diet can have a key effect on the course of the disease.

Raspberries for gout: is it possible or not?

"Gout" is a kind of joint disease, in which there is a metabolic disorder with subsequent deposition in the joints of crystals of sodium urate, i.e. Salts of uric acid, which can lead to the destruction of joints.

What can and can not be done with gout?

Gout, which arises from the accumulation of urate crystals in joints and other tissues, is the result of systemic catabolism of nitrogen-containing purine bases of nucleic acids. Those who are diagnosed with this disease, you should know what you can, and what can not be done with gout.

What can and can not be eaten with gout?

Before you begin to treat gout, you need to decide what you can and can not eat with gout. After all, nutrition has a direct effect on the crystallization of uric acid within the body.

Currant with gout: is it possible or not, good or bad?

How many currant berries are there in gout? It is best to eat a large amount. If the currant season has not started, you can use the juice from these berries.

Proper nutrition for gout in the period of exacerbation: a menu for the week, recipes

Proper nutrition with gout is one of the important methods in the treatment of this disease. Curing gout is completely impossible, but the diet will help make the duration of remission longer.

Mineral water for gout: what can you drink?

One of the key moments in the treatment of gout is the issue of the qualitative excretion of urinary and oxalic acid from the patient's body.

Kvass for gout: home, bread

Healing properties of kvass were appreciated from time immemorial. They quenched their thirst and they were treated. Let's try to figure out whether you can drink kvass for gout or not?

Mushrooms with gout: tea, veselka

Gout is a fairly serious disease that appears due to metabolic disorders.

Lemon with gout: with water, garlic, tea

In the treatment of gout, one of the most important points is diet. There are also many alternative means, one of which is the well-known lemon.