General information about vaccinations

Vaccination certificate for a child and an adult

Preventive vaccinations must be carried out from the very birth of the child. They will help to form immunity, protect against many dangerous infectious and fatal diseases. Information about which vaccinations are carried out is always subject to strict control.

Contraindications to vaccination

Modern vaccines have a minimum of contraindications, they are released as much as possible from ballast substances, preservatives and allergens, so that they can be used in the vast majority of children and adults without any preliminary research or analysis. To all vaccines there are two interrelated contraindications - allergic reactions to vaccine components and a strong reaction or complication to the previous dose of this vaccine.

Complications after the BCG vaccine

Complications after BCG are considered as a local tuberculous process and should be treated by a pediatric TB specialist. Other vaccinations during treatment for complications are strictly prohibited.

Vaccination of persons with immunodeficiency

For all people who have immunodeficiency, only live vaccines that can cause disease are dangerous. The diagnosis of immunodeficiency is clinical, although requiring laboratory confirmation.

Monitoring and investigation of complications after vaccinations

Monitoring postvaccinal complications (PVO) is a system of constant monitoring of the safety of MIBP in the conditions of their practical application. The monitoring tasks are also to determine the nature and frequency of complications after vaccination for each drug and the factors contributing to the development of complications after vaccination.

Vaccination and risk of allergy

Attempts in the past to link the growth of allergy in developed countries with "allergenic" vaccines have been convincingly refuted by studies showing the lack of influence of vaccines on levels of IgE and antibodies of this class.

How to recognize complications after vaccination?

The child is in the post-vaccination period for the first six months of his life, so that any of his diseases can, in principle, be attributed to such a state as complications after vaccination.

Vaccination and HIV infection

Vaccination of children with proven HIV infection should take into account their clinical and immunological categories according to the table: N1, N2, N3, A1, A2, AZ ... C1, C2, N3; at not confirmed HIV-status of the child use the letter E before classification (for example, EA2 or EB1, etc.).

How are the complications after vaccinations treated?

Small redness, tenderness and swelling at the injection site usually do not require active treatment. Cold "subcutaneous infiltrates flow torpid, their resorption is sometimes accelerated by local procedures (" honey cakes ", balsamic ointments). Abscesses and suppuration require antibacterial therapy (oxacillin, cefazolin, etc.), and according to indications - surgical intervention.

Autism - a complication after vaccination

In many developed countries still have a question about the connection between autism and vaccination does not leave the pages of the media, reducing the coverage of immunization and promoting the conservation of measles.