General information on flu and colds

Can I walk with the baby at a temperature?

Elevated temperature in a child is a common sign of pathology. If we talk about hyperthermia, then in children it is most often associated with a viral infection. Thus the raised temperature keeps, as a rule, some days, and then decreases in process of recovery of the child.

Why is there a sharp, severe chill without a temperature and what should I do?

In the absence of any disease, chills without temperature is a reflex reaction of cutaneous thermoreceptors, which protects the body from the effects of cold.

Cold on the sea and after the sea

The common cold is a common disease that many people have to face. In medicine there is no diagnosis of a "cold". This is the popular name of ARI and ARVI, which occupy a leading position in the structure of the incidence of respiratory tract. 

Flu 2018: a new strain attacks

According to experts, the flu of 2018 will be marked by the appearance of new, more dangerous strains. Consider the methods of their treatment and prevention, as well as possible complications.

What can I do with bronchitis and what can not be done: question-answer

Bronchitis people get sick very often, and an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membrane that covers the bronchi leads to a strong cough.

Walking with bronchitis: benefit or harm?

Many believe that respiratory diseases, accompanied by cough and fever, are an occasion to imprison oneself for the period of illness in a warm, cozy place with a cup of warm tea and not leave it until the ailment recedes.

Weakness in the body

The condition, defined as weakness in the body, is medically related to both loss of muscle strength, and a sense of lack of energy, a decrease in vitality and general fatigue.

Flu 2017: Symptoms and Treatment

Autumn-winter period is the time of seasonal diseases, the most common of which is the flu. What awaits us this year, how to prevent the epidemic and cure it?

Why does not it cough and what to do?

If the cough does not pass more than three weeks, then experts call it protracted or chronic.

Flu 2015: recognize, cure, prevent

What can we expect in this season of influenza, how dangerous is the disease, what are its predictions? We offer you useful information about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of influenza 2015.