Symptoms of flu and colds

The first signs of a cold in an adult

The collective concept of many respiratory diseases is a cold. Consider its first signs, methods of their treatment and prevention in children and adults.

The first signs of a cold in children

Unlike adults, children are much more likely to suffer from colds. This is due to an undeveloped immune system and the insecurity of the child’s body to various viral and bacterial agents.

Attacks of dry and wet cough prior to vomiting: causes, diagnosis

Many people mistakenly perceive a cough for the disease. In fact, it acts as a protective reflex of the body to a certain pathogen - the virus, harmful microorganisms, the entry of foreign objects into the lungs and the respiratory tract.

Sputum discharge in acute and chronic bronchitis: character, color

Bronchitis is the disease of the lower respiratory tract, which is accompanied by inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. Cough and sputum during bronchitis are characteristic signs of the disease.

Cough, temperature and runny nose at and after sore throat: treatment

Angina is an acute infectious disease, which is accompanied by an inflammation of the tonsils. Therefore, the disease is often called acute tonsillitis, that is, inflammation of the tonsils. 

The nature of discharge from the nose: dense, thick, foamy, liquid, mucous, bloody

Periodically appearing mukonasal secret can not be considered a symptom of the disease, rather mucus performs its natural function - protection, moisturizing the tissues of nasal passages. Coryza, which differs from natural secretions, in volume, intensity, color and consistency of discharge may be a sign of the first stage of the disease. 

Abundant discharge from the nose and other symptoms: sneezing, cough, sore throat

Slime, which performs a protective function in relation to many cavities of our body, is simultaneously a protective, antiseptic substance and a substance that maintains a normal level of humidity. 

Runny nose and watery eyes: what to do?

Runny nose, watery eyes, fever, sneezing, coughing are unpleasant symptoms that everyone has to face without exception. At one point, life fades, plans crumble, a wave of extreme discomfort surrounds the person.

Dry and wet cough in a newborn: drug treatment

First of all, you might think that the child is sick, and only then think about other reasons. Therefore, you need to pay attention to other symptoms, and be sure to consult a doctor.

Barking cough in a child with a fever

When a barking cough occurs in a child with a fever, which is especially common with children of the first years of life, doctors strongly recommend that parents immediately seek medical help - in order to avoid serious consequences.