Vaccination against influenza

Prevention of influenza in pregnant women: the best ways to protect

Influenza is a dangerous beast, and it is better for pregnant women not to fall into its paws. The flu carries the threat of miscarriage, the weakening of all body systems and "side diseases", which are difficult to get rid of: bronchitis, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, cardiac and vascular disorders. What methods of protection are better used to prevent influenza in pregnant women?

Prevention of influenza: the most effective means of protection

The flu is much easier to avoid than after it is long and difficult to treat. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the prevention of influenza. Many people think that preventing a flu is simply not communicating with a sick person and wearing an antiviral mask. But this is not so. There are three types of influenza prevention. Want to know which ones?

Do I need to get a flu shot?

The flu is so dangerous for people that it is on the third place among the most treacherous diseases of our time. Therefore, doctors recommend that you vaccinate to avoid the flu and its complications. Meanwhile, up to 80% of US residents prefer to vaccinate, about 10% of the population of Russia, and in Ukraine - up to 1%.

Vaccinations against influenza: 12 of the most popular myths

As shown by medical statistics, only 1% of Ukrainians give themselves the opportunity to get a flu shot. All the blame is not only elementary negligence to one's health, but also the myths about vaccinations, which we diligently read and hear from different sources. It's time to finally find out the truth about vaccinations.

In 2012, the newest vaccine against influenza

Now doctors have invented the newest vaccine, which will protect people from four strains of influenza. This is a real revolution in health care.

Vaccine against the flu: which one is better to choose and when to conduct?

The vaccine against influenza protects a person against the severe consequences of influenza and reduces the risk of the disease by almost 2 times. Which flu vaccine works best and when should it be done?

Influenza vaccination for children: important features

The largest groups of risk for the incidence of influenza, according to medical statistics, are children who go to kindergarten and to school. In places of mass accumulation of children, the infection spreads much faster than among domestic babies. Therefore, flu vaccination is needed for children as air. But how and when to do it and how does it work?